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  • Militarizing The Police Force, And It's Unintended Consequences
    I remember when cop cars were all big, white Chevy sedans. And police officers dressed in light blue uniforms. They wore innocent enough black, cabbie looking hats, and I was never afraid to approach them with a question, or a problem. And then I grew up. Now they drive midnight black, stealth vehicles, usually equipped with mean grill guards.

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  • Noam Chomsky: U.S. Politics Are Now 'Pure Savagery'Wed Jan 08, 2014 | huffingtonpost.com
    Author and activist Noam Chomsky said that the congressional controversy over extending unemployment benefits is evidence that American politics has descended into...
  • Mike Crapo apologizes after DUI arrestMon Dec 24, 2012 | politico.com
    Sen. Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) issued a public apology after being arrested for drunken driving in Alexandria, Va., early Sunday morning.
  • Why President Obama isn't cavingSun Dec 23, 2012 | politico.com
    President Barack Obama’s stiffening resolve during the fight over the fiscal cliff can be traced directly to the lessons he drew from his hard-won triumph of the 2012...
  • The risk of daring to disagree with the NRAWed Dec 19, 2012 | amanpour.blogs.cnn.com
    Tennessee lawmaker Debra Maggart was a lifetime member of America’s most powerful gun lobby, the National Riffle Association. She had an A+ rating with the group and...
  • Changing Affiliation Again, Former Governor of Florida Becomes a DemocratSat Dec 08, 2012 | nytimes.com
    Charlie Crist, who was elected as the governor of Florida as a Republican and then ran unsuccessfully for the Senate as an independent, has announced that he is switching...
  • Fighting the filibusterMon Dec 03, 2012 | blogs.reuters.com
    The argument as to whether or not the Congressional right to 'filibuster' is constitutional or not.
  • Behind the scenes, Mitt Romney wanted Paul Ryan Mon Aug 13, 2012 | politico.com
    Determined to foil reporters tracking flights from Wisconsin to Boston, the Romney campaign booked Paul Ryan on a flight from Chicago to Hartford, Conn., where the...
  • Paul Ryan VP pick unites Dems, tooSat Aug 11, 2012 | politico.com
    Democrats are gleefully united in bashing Rep. Paul Ryan as the GOP vice presidential pick, blasting him as the author of the controversial “Ryan budget.”

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