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07/19/16Melania Trump’s apparent plagiarism caps difficult start to GOP
When the opening night of the Republican National Convention ended here Monday, Donald Trump’s advisers were exuberant — thrilled with Melania Trump’s sparkling debut and confident that Rudy Giuliani and a parade of other speakers delivered the ideal combination of fire, emotion and reassurance. One hour later, they were in crisis mode. The potential first lady’s address — the night’s highlight — was suddenly under attack because of apparent plagiarism. By morning, the campaign’s efforts at damage control added up to...
03/10/16Inside Rubio’s collapse: A fateful decision that helped unravel his
Marco Rubio had suffered three electoral thumpings in a row when the senator from Florida and his image-makers abruptly shifted strategy. The aspirational candidate, whose presidential campaign was built on a promise of generational change and Republican unity, would morph overnight into Donald Drumpf’s chief assailant. Rubio launched what he and his team felt was an imperative assault on the front-runner at the Houston debate on Feb. 25. The next morning at a Dallas rally, he mocked Drumpf mercilessly. Rubio whipped out...