Obama Administration

Accomplishments on Education

  • Students who were defrauded or had their contract breached by a college or university can more easily petition to have their student loans forgiven under new rules by the Department of Education
    Jun 13 2016
  • 387,000 Americans unable to to work due to a permanent disability have their student loan debts forgiven by the Department of Education
    Apr 12 2016
  • College students can claim $2,500 towards tuition, fees, and course material on their taxes after the extension of the American Opportunity Tax Credit
    Dec 18 2015
  • Teacher performance evaluations no longer based off student test results after passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act
    Dec 10 2015
  • Veterans and their families offered in-state tuition rates at public colleges and universities in all fifty states
  • $40 billion in tax credits for college students and lower income families with children
    Dec 17 2010
  • $68 billion to expand Pell grants & make it easier for students to repay outstanding loans after graduation through savings in the federal student loan program
    Mar 30 2010
  • $2 billion investment to laid off workers for education and career training programs in community colleges over four years starting in 2010
    Mar 30 2010