Forum Rule : No Extremism

No Extremism

No promotion of hate groups or conspiracy theories. No use of bigoted, racist or hateful language (unless in certain cases to expose such use by others). No extremism directed at specific people or groups. No hoping for death or physical harm towards any person (exceptions for violent criminals, etc) or "cheering" if anything bad happens. This counts equally for both the left or the right.

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No Bigotry, Demeaning Language or Extremist Beliefs Against a Group of People0
Bigotry is exhibiting intolerance, irrationality, and animosity toward those of differing beliefs or genetics. The key area of focus & debate in our forums will be the "irrationality" part. It is perfectly fine to express intolerance & animosity towards the Westboro Baptist Church because of their extremism & bigotry towards others such as gays. But it would not be okay to attack Baptists in general.
No Anti-Gay or LGBT Bigotry, Demeaning Language or Extremist Beliefs
No Bigotry or Demeaning Language Towards One's Personal Characteristics
Religious Beliefs Should be Respected
Avoid bigoted language or stereotyping religious beliefs. Debating religion is not a subject we want to be overly controlling on. But debates must be intellectual & respectful & avoid harsh & negative language. However, we do not support the promotion of religious beliefs that favor or marginalize a group of people based on their genetics. So expressing the belief that non Christians will go to hell is okay. Believing that gay people will go to hell is not. Or believing that your religion favors one race over another. Any criticism of any religious belief based on facts, reasoning & logic is okay but demagoguery against religious beliefs is not allowed. No negative stereotyping or generalizing individuals of a particular faith based on specific actions or beliefs from authoritative sources, people, groups or entities of that faith. Such as it's okay to say negative things about the Catholic Church in regards to their policy on contraception or their cover-up of child abuse. It is not okay to make a negative generalization against all Catholics. Or, it is okay to say negative things about Israel or Zionism but not okay to make a negative generalization about all Jewish people. Same thing applies to Islam, Atheism or any religious belief.
Promotion of Conspiracy Theories is not Allowed
No promotion of conspiracy theories from the left or the right. This includes Obama birth certificate, 9/11 Truthers, New World Order, JFK, etc. If it's listed in Wikipedia as a conspiracy theory then we consider it a conspiracy theory.
No Promotion of Hate Groups
No Promotion of Pseudoscience or Widely Discredited Science
Fear Mongering or Promoting discredited science is not allowed. Spreading misinformation against proven, peer reviewed science is not allowed such as claiming that vaccinations cause Autism and are bad for you. Or promoting false data on fluoridation of water supplies.
Arguments Against Global Warming Must be Factual & Based on Credible Science
We'll allow debate on Global Warming despite the fact that the science community has a strong consensus that global surface temperatures have increased in recent decades and that the trend is caused mainly by human-induced emissions of greenhouse gases. We'll let the community argue it. However, we will not allow any generally dismissive comments against climate change or climate change scientists. You cannot ignore science when on our forums just because you are subjected to lots of anti-science demagoguery.
References to Nazis or Hitler to Criticize Anyone is not Allowed
No references to Hitler or Nazis against any person or group unless they actually have Nazi sympathies such as white supremacist groups. If you have to resort to comparing someone to the killing of millions of innocent people then you've already lost the argument.