New Republican Candidates List

WebsitesControversies (SORT)Quotes (SORT)Latest ContentContent Date
Allen Weh Allen Weh Wikipedia Bio0000
Ann Romney Ann Romney Wikipedia Bio00401Why is ANN ROMNEY EVEN SPEAKING NOW-ITS OVER-HER HUSBAND LO...2013-03-05
Andy Martin Andy Martin Wikipedia Bio Andy Martin Facebook Page Andy Martin Twitter Page0000
Barry Hinckley0000
Bill Maloney Bill Maloney Wikipedia Bio0010West Virginia Gubernatorial Election Debate2012-11-06
Bob Crowder0000
Bob Johnson Bob Johnson Facebook Page Bob Johnson Twitter Page0001
Brad Staats1001
Campbell Cavasso Campbell Cavasso Wikipedia Bio0000
Carl Paladino Carl Paladino Wikipedia Bio2208
Carly Fiorina Carly Fiorina Wikipedia Bio10449Ted Cruz taps Carly Fiorina as his VP running mate2016-05-16
Catherine Crabill0001
Chris Dudley Chris Dudley Wikipedia Bio Chris Dudley Facebook Page Chris Dudley Twitter Page0000
Christine O'Donnell Christine O'Donnell Wikipedia Bio Christine O'Donnell Twitter Page23216O'Donnell invite, uninvited, and re-invited to speak at Tea...2011-08-31
Chris Wright1001
Dan Severson Dan Severson Wikipedia Bio Dan Severson Twitter Page0101
Daniel Bongino Daniel Bongino Wikipedia Bio0000
Dave Spence Dave Spence Wikipedia Bio0010Missouri Gubernatorial Election Discussion2012-11-05
Dean Young Dean Young Facebook Page0001
Dino Rossi Dino Rossi Wikipedia Bio Dino Rossi Facebook Page Dino Rossi Twitter Page0001
E.W. Jackson E.W. Jackson Wikipedia Bio0049Republican E.W. Jackson: "Yoga Leads to Satan"2013-06-06
Ed Gillespie Ed Gillespie Wikipedia Bio Ed Gillespie Facebook Page Ed Gillespie Twitter Page Ed Gillespie Youtube Page0007
Elizabeth Emken Elizabeth Emken Wikipedia Bio Elizabeth Emken Facebook Page Elizabeth Emken Twitter Page0000
Eric Wargotz Eric Wargotz Facebook Page Eric Wargotz Twitter Page0000
Frank Addivinola Frank Addivinola Facebook Page Frank Addivinola Twitter Page0000
Gabriel E. Gomez Gabriel E. Gomez Wikipedia Bio0001
George Pataki George Pataki Wikipedia Bio0002
Gia Arnold1001
Glen Urquhart Glen Urquhart Wikipedia Bio0001
Herman Cain Herman Cain Wikipedia Bio Herman Cain Facebook Page Herman Cain Twitter Page326018Rachel Maddow exposes Herman Cain's entertainment act.2012-04-28
James Everett Dutschke2002
James Keet James Keet Wikipedia Bio James Keet Facebook Page James Keet Twitter Page0000
Jame Huffman Jame Huffman Wikipedia Bio Jame Huffman Twitter Page0000
Jamie Radtke Jamie Radtke Wikipedia Bio Jamie Radtke Facebook Page Jamie Radtke Twitter Page2002
Jay Townsend Jay Townsend Wikipedia Bio Jay Townsend Facebook Page Jay Townsend Twitter Page0112Dismiss war on women....we should throw acid on female sena...2012-06-01
Jeff Bell Jeff Bell Wikipedia Bio0000
Jeff Cragg Jeff Cragg Wikipedia Bio0010Delaware Gubernatorial Election Discussion2012-11-05
Jeff Johnson Jeff Johnson Wikipedia Bio0001
Craig James Craig James Wikipedia Bio0001
Jim Gilmore Jim Gilmore Wikipedia Bio0006
Joe Lhota Joe Lhota Wikipedia Bio Joe Lhota Facebook Page Joe Lhota Twitter Page0001
John Raese John Raese Wikipedia Bio John Raese Facebook Page John Raese Twitter Page0000
John Robitaille John Robitaille Wikipedia Bio John Robitaille Facebook Page John Robitaille Twitter Page0000
John Stephen John Stephen Facebook Page John Stephen Twitter Page0001
Scott Ashjian Scott Ashjian Wikipedia Bio Scott Ashjian Facebook Page Scott Ashjian Twitter Page0000
Joseph DioGuardi Joseph DioGuardi Wikipedia Bio Joseph DioGuardi Facebook Page Joseph DioGuardi Twitter Page0000
Joseph Miller Joseph Miller Wikipedia Bio1003
Kevin Wade0000
Len Britton Len Britton Facebook Page Len Britton Twitter Page0000
Margaret Whitman Margaret Whitman Wikipedia Bio Margaret Whitman Facebook Page Margaret Whitman Twitter Page1005
Matt Bevin Matt Bevin Wikipedia Bio Matt Bevin Facebook Page Matt Bevin Twitter Page00151Kentucky Gov refuses to accept election results2019-11-10
Matt Reisetter0001
Michael Peroutka Michael Peroutka Wikipedia Bio1001
Mike McFadden Mike McFadden Wikipedia Bio Mike McFadden Facebook Page Mike McFadden Twitter Page0002
Milton Wolf Milton Wolf Wikipedia Bio Milton Wolf Facebook Page Milton Wolf Twitter Page0001
Monica Wehby Monica Wehby Wikipedia Bio Monica Wehby Facebook Page Monica Wehby Twitter Page10271Monica Lewinsky's Ted Talk on Cyber Bullying2017-02-07
Neel Kashkari Neel Kashkari Wikipedia Bio Neel Kashkari Facebook Page Neel Kashkari Twitter Page0002
Ovide Lamontagne Ovide Lamontagne Wikipedia Bio0010New Hampshire Gubernatorial Election Discussion2012-11-05
Phil Mitsch Phil Mitsch Twitter Page0001
Randi Shannon Randi Shannon Facebook Page Randi Shannon Twitter Page1001
Randy Brock Randy Brock Wikipedia Bio0010Vermont Gubernatorial Election Discussion2012-11-05
Rick Hill Rick Hill Wikipedia Bio0010Montana Gubernatorial Election Discussion2012-11-05
Robert Ehrlich Robert Ehrlich Wikipedia Bio Robert Ehrlich Facebook Page Robert Ehrlich Twitter Page0000
Roy Moore Roy Moore Wikipedia Bio202346Alabama Republicans Apparently Nominated a Child Predator f...2020-02-06
Sally Atwater1001
Sean Bielat Sean Bielat Wikipedia Bio0001
Sharron Angle Sharron Angle Wikipedia Bio Sharron Angle Facebook Page Sharron Angle Twitter Page05424Sharron Angle not debating Harry Reid. Why not?2010-09-20
Steve Lonegan Steve Lonegan Wikipedia Bio Steve Lonegan Twitter Page1016Booker and Lonegan To Square Off in New Jersey Special Elec...2013-08-14
Stewart Mills1001
Terri Lynn Land Terri Lynn Land Wikipedia Bio1014Peters Win's Big in Michigan2014-11-04
Thomas Foley Thomas Foley Wikipedia Bio Thomas Foley Facebook Page Thomas Foley Twitter Page0001
Tom Smith Tom Smith Wikipedia Bio0001
Tom Emmer Tom Emmer Wikipedia Bio1002
Walt Havenstein Walt Havenstein Wikipedia Bio Walt Havenstein Facebook Page Walt Havenstein Twitter Page0000
Wendy Long Wendy Long Wikipedia Bio0000