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State Capitol of New Jersey at Trenton. Built 1794. Altered & enlarged 1845 & 46 / John NoState Capitol of New Jersey at Trenton. Built 1794. Altered & enlarged 1845 & 46 / John No

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  • The CBS Late Show host brought his Colbert Report persona back to satirize Donald Trump’s Republican National Convention.
  • For months, Republican presidential candidates with dwindling bank accounts and negligible support in polls have been finding reasons to stay in the 2016 race. Now, a few must weigh whether they can keep competing after being downgraded or excluded from Tuesday's fourth GOP debate. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee have been bumped to the undercard debate because of low poll numbers, while South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham and former New York Gov. George Pataki didn't qualify for either event.
  • Chris Christie could be bumped from the main stage at next week's GOP presidential debate, and Bobby Jindal and George Pataki risk being left out altogether. They're potential victims of poor showings in national polling and the way those surveys are being used. Fox Business is to announce Thursday evening the candidates who will appear on stage in Milwaukee next Tuesday, a decision based on a selection of polls.
  • Chris Christie has officially been banished to where no successful candidate has gone before: the undercard debate. Fox Business announced Thursday night that the New Jersey governor has been cut from the primetime debate stage due to low poll numbers.
  • When Chris Christie got into the quiet car of an Amtrak train from Washington on Sunday morning and allegedly (although not necessarily) yelled into his phone and got himself kicked out of Amtrak’s quiet car, journalists and politicos were finally talking about the New Jersey governor again. Christie was on the train returning from an appearance on CBS’ Face the Nation, where he went further than most Republican presidential candidates by alleging that the Black Lives Matter movement calls for killing cops. But that extraordinary comment about a critical American civic issue was lost as Gawker’s account of Christie screaming on his phone, drinking a McDonald’s strawberry smoothie—and just being so Christie—lit up political Twitter.
  • The New Jersey Senate will vote on Thursday whether to override Governor Chris Christie's veto of a bill that requires courts and law enforcement to exchange information before people trying to purchase a firearm can have their medical records expunged. Christie, who is running for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, rejected the bill in August after it passed unanimously in both the state Senate and Assembly.
  • At one point, Stephen Colbert's third-night audience at the Ed Sullivan Theater in Manhattan broke into a chant: "Joe, Joe, Joe!" "Be careful what you wish for!" Vice President Joe Biden joked, his famous smile flashing to applause. It's little wonder the audience was responding in this way. Biden was giving perhaps the most frank, intimate, and emotional interview a politician has given in recent memory—a major score for Colbert's new show, and a rare chance for Americans to see their second-in-command speak so eloquently about grief, faith, and family.
  • Over the past several weeks I have studied the Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action and exhaustively explored the possible ramifications of this agreement and its alternatives. I’ve consulted with an array of experts on both sides of the debate, sat in classified briefings, discussed it with former and current White House leadership, and benefited from the wise insights of both Republican and Democratic colleagues in the Senate. I also studied Iran and its history, its decades-long efforts to illicitly obtain a nuclear weapon and the evil nature and horrific extent of its support and sponsorship of terrorism, its destabilizing involvement in ongoing regional conflicts, and its destructive hatred and determination to destroy the United States and our ally Israel.

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