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  • Last week, much of official Washington rejoiced after President Trump made a deal with senior congressional Democrats to forestall a government shutdown, provide aid to hurricane victims, and raise the debt ceiling until December. The deal, some observers claimed, marked Trump’s long-awaited pivot to conventional Presidential leadership and a bipartisan style of governing. Some praised this maneuver as statesmanlike, while others denounced it as a betrayal of the President’s fellow-Republicans, but there was something close to consensus that Trump had jettisoned the hard-right politics expressed at the beginning of his term in office and begun a new and different chapter.
  • It's hard to imagine the New Hampshire primary going any worse for establishment Republicans. Desperate to find a candidate to coalesce around in hopes of stopping the populist insurrection of Donald Trump and the conservative uprising championed by Ted Cruz, the establishment instead got the opposite: a three-way split decision between John Kasich, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio that ensures an extended, nasty and expensive fight simply to emerge as the third guy in the top tier.
  • White House hopefuls Donald Trump and Jeb Bush opened political hostilities on Monday as Republican and Democratic candidates stormed across New Hampshire in a final flurry of events before the state's crucial first-in-the-nation primary. The stage was set for the vote on Tuesday, with New York billionaire Trump enjoying a big lead in opinion polls of Republican voters in the state and a host of rivals jockeying to emerge as his chief challenger for the Republican presidential nomination in the Nov. 8 election.
  • Hillary and Bill Clinton are so dissatisfied with their campaign’s messaging and digital operations they are considering staffing and strategy changes after what’s expected to be a loss in Tuesday’s primary here, according to a half-dozen people with direct knowledge of the situation. The Clintons -- stung by her narrow victory in Iowa -- had been planning to reassess staffing at the campaign’s Brooklyn headquarters after the first four primaries, but the Clintons have become increasingly caustic in their criticism of aides and demanded the reassessment sooner, a source told POLITICO.
  • Senator Bernie Sanders has opened a nine-point lead over fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton among party supporters in New Hampshire, according to an NBC News/Marist Poll released on Sunday. The survey showed that 41 percent of Democratic voters would back Sanders while 32 percent would cast a vote for Clinton if the poll were held today and Vice President Joe Biden were on the ballot.
  • Hillary Clinton may be facing much more of a fight than she expected in New Hampshire. A new poll from Suffolk University is the second in two days to show Bernie Sanders surging among the state's primary electorate — it shows him just 11 points behind the frontrunner. Another poll from Morning Consult, released Monday, showed Sanders 12 points behind Clinton.
  • Decision Day 2014 is here, and so the vote counting finally begins in the longest, most expensive, and most talked-about midterm election cycle in our history. (And it’s likely to get longer and more expensive with possible runoffs in Louisiana and Georgia.) We already know it’s going to be a good night for Republicans, but a great night would be capturing control of the U.S. Senate and making gains in the blue and purple battleground states. And guess what: We’ll have a good idea early in the evening of how Election Night is going to break. The two states to watch -- North Carolina (where final polling places close at 7:30 pm ET) and New Hampshire (where they close at 8:00 pm ET). Every scenario of Democrats holding on to the Senate assumes they win those two states.
  • Democrat Jeanne Shaheen has defeated Republican Scott Brown in the New Hampshire Senate race, according to ABC and NBC. Shaheen, who has represented New Hampshire in the Senate since 2009, accused Brown of lacking ties to the state throughout her campaign. Brown, who served as a Massachusetts Senator from 2010 to 2013, moved to the Granite State in 2013, saying it was for "strictly personal" reasons. Brown officially announced his run for Senate in April 2014. He had several slip-ups throughout his campaign, once contrasting himself with the Massachusetts delegation and more recently struggling with New Hampshire geography.

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