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  • A U.S. Marine Corps helicopter that was assisting in Nepal disaster-relief operations is missing, according to U.S. officials. Navy Capt. Chris Sims says the aircraft from Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 469 disappeared Tuesday near Charikot, Nepal. The number of people on board was not disclosed. An investigation into the disappearance is underway. A 7.3-magnitude earthquake shook Nepal Tuesday, just weeks after a 7.9-magnitude quake left 8,000 dead.
  • Thousands of desperate Nepalese spent another night in the open in the early hours of Monday, terrorized by strong aftershocks that continued to shake the country two days after a massive quake struck, killing almost 2,500 people. Across the capital, Kathmandu, and beyond, exhausted families whose homes were either flattened or at risk of collapse laid mattresses out on streets and erected tents to shelter from rain. The sick and wounded also lay out in the open, unable to find beds in the city's overwhelmed hospitals. Outside Kathmandu Medical College, surgeons set up an operating theater inside a tent. People queued for water dispensed from the back of trucks, while the few stores still open had next to nothing on their shelves. Crowds jostled at one pharmacy to snap up medicine.
  • A magnitude-6.7 aftershock rumbled Kathmandu and sent people running for open ground Sunday morning, a day after a massive 7.8-magnitude earthquake ravaged Nepal and the region as the death toll from the disaster topped 2,500. NPR's Julie McCarthy, reporting from the capital, described the scene on Weekend Edition Sunday: "Many of the people who had been too terrified to sleep in their own homes last night congregated in a series of mini tent cities around Kathmandu," Julie says.
  • A massive earthquake near the capital of Nepal killed at least 1,457 people today as it collapsed temples and triggered an avalanche on Mt. Everest. The magnitude-7.8 quake hit about 50 miles northwest of Kathmandu just before noon local time, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The death toll, estimated by the Nepalese Army, was expected to rise, said officials. Another 1,055 were injured, said the country's finance minister, Ram Sharan Mahat. It's the worst earthquake in Nepal in over 80 years, according to the Associated Press.
  • Apr 25 2015
    Nepal After the Earthquake
    Nepal After the Earthquake
    Apr 25
    Earthquakes & Nepal
    A magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck Nepal early on Saturday, centered 10 miles below the surface, less than 50 miles from the capital of Kathmandu. At least 1,100 are already reported to have been killed by the quake and subsequent avalanches triggered in the Himalayas. Historic buildings and temples were destroyed, leaving massive piles of debris in streets as rescue workers and neighbors work to find and help those still trapped beneath rubble. Below are images from the region of the immediate aftermath of one of the most powerful earthquakes to strike Nepal in decades. (Editor's note, some of the images are graphic in nature.)
  • Another Sherpa guide has died in Friday's Mount Everest avalanche, bringing the death toll to 13, a Nepalese government official said Saturday. It is the single deadliest accident on Mount Everest, officials said. Three others are missing, said Madhu Sudan Burlakoti of Nepal's Tourism Ministry, and at least half a dozen are injured.
  • Apr 19 2014
    13th body pulled from Everest avalanche
    A 13th body was recovered Saturday in the worst-ever recorded disaster on Mount Everest as searchers worked feverishly to locate three who remain missing amid concerns weather conditions could deteriorate. Rescuers are using extra ropes, clamps and aluminum ladders in their efforts to search the unstable field, already blanketed with newly fallen snow.
  • An avalanche has left 12 dead and four missing in the worst-ever recorded disaster on Mount Everest. With peak season just days away on the deadly mountain, Sherpas and guides are busy preparing for the trek up the highest peak in the world. "The Sherpa guides were carrying up equipment and other necessities for climbers when the disaster happened," a spokesman for Nepal's Tourism Ministry, Mohan Krishna Sapkota, told the AFP news agency.

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