Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps fly over USS carriers in western Pacific Ocean.Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps fly over USS carriers in western Pacific Ocean.By: DoD photo/Photographer's Mate

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  • It's Déjà vu All Over Again; Obama Prepares the Nation For War With ISIS
    While the rumors of America's impending return to active hostilities in the Middle East have been getting louder by the day, I continued to hold out hope that the President would resist the headwinds and use his prime time address to educate the nation how it is impossible to defeat an ideology with bombs and missiles alone.
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  • In an interview with the Miami Herald published Sunday, Bill Owens?—?father of Chief Ryan Owens, the 36-year-old Navy SEAL who died during President Trump’s first military operation?—?criticized the Yemen raid, and said he doesn’t have any interest in talking with Trump.
  • Iran freed ten U.S. sailors on Wednesday a day after detaining them aboard two U.S. Navy patrol boats in the Gulf, bringing a swift end to an incident that had rattled nerves shortly before the expected implementation of a landmark nuclear accord. Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) said it had released the sailors after determining they had entered Iranian territorial waters by mistake. IRGC Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi said earlier the boats had strayed due to a broken navigation system.
  • On Monday night, the American missile destroyer Lassen sailed within 12 miles of a Chinese-built artificial island called Subi Reef, in the South China Sea. The goal, according to the US, was to challenge China's claims over what are generally understood to be international waters. China was furious. A spokesperson said the Lassen "illegally entered" the waters and "threatened China’s sovereignty and security interests." On Tuesday, China sent two ships — the missile destroyer Lanzhou and patrol boat Taizhou — to the area and told the American ship to get out. The Americans ignored them.
  • U.S. Navy warships have begun accompanying British-flagged commercial vessels through the Strait of Hormuz as a result of Iran's detention of a Marshall Islands-flagged cargo ship last week, the Pentagon said on Monday. Army Colonel Steve Warren, a Pentagon spokesman, said the U.S. Navy had accompanied one British ship through the strait, one of the world's most important oil shipping channels, following talks between Washington and London. "They've asked if we would accompany their flagged vessels through the strait," Warren told reporters.
  • The ability of the U.S. and Canadian military to defend North America could be jeopardized by stepped up Russian military activity, according to the commander of the North American Aerospace Defense Command. Adm. William Gortney told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Thursday that Russia is continuing to work on its program to deploy "long-range conventionally armed cruise missiles," that can be launched from its bomber aircraft, submarines and warships. This is giving the Kremlin "deterrent" options "short of the nuclear threshold," Gortney said.
  • Bradley Cooper has seriously buffed up for his new role in "American Sniper." He reportedly gained 40 pounds and grew a beard to star as Navy SEAL Chris Kyle in Clint Eastwood's new movie, based on a true story.
  • This email that the U.S. Navy unwittingly to an NBC News reporter shows the extent to which officials are willing to go to keep some records from public view.
  • One fateful night in 2009 a team of Navy SEALs grabbed the Butcher of Fallujah—and then everything went wrong. This is the story of that night.

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