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  • What or Who is Driving Ben Carson?
    With the steady increase in the Republican support for Ben Carson, especially in Iowa, it is time to take a closer look at what Ben Carson has said that has caused his popularity to rise with Republicans.In Iowa Carson leads Donald Trump by 12 to 14 points in the polls of October 26th.
  • The Politics of Exactitude...when applied to President Obama
    Obama said... Obama promised... Obama lied... Obama should have... Blame Obama... If only Obama would... Obama is a wuss... Obama overshot... I'm so disappointed in Obama... Obama is the lesser of two evils...

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  • National Review Online Editor has been falsifying stories about Lebanon. Lopez had been publishing reports of an ex-Marine named W. Thomas Smith who was stationed in Lebanon, until Thomas Edsall and various others pointed out that his reports were full of ridiculous, outright fabrications. Lopez then tried to blame the false stories on “the Arab tendency to lie and exaggerate about enemies."
  • John Derbyshire wrote an article for Taki's Magazine titled "The Talk: Nonblack Version." The article was a response to reports in the news media of 'talks' given by African-American parents to their children warning them against white authority figures. The article describes 5% of black people as "ferociously hostile". He then advises his readers to avoid settling in black neighborhoods, avoid events that draw large numbers of black people, and refrain from helping black people who seem to be in distress.
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