Opinion Articles & Editorials Written By Molly Ball

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01/18/16Portrait of a Party on the Verge of Coming Aparttheatlantic.com
For a certain type of Republican, the fantasy world where Donald Trump is not winning the GOP primary is a very nice place to live. Beth Hansen, the campaign manager for John Kasich, is this type of Republican. Hansen is speaking to a crowd that’s gathered in a smokehouse bar in this city’s elegant, cobblestoned downtown, describing vividly a world where Kasich, the unvarnished, moderate governor of Ohio, is actually poised to win. This is not, to put it mildly, a world most political observers can currently envision.
11/15/15The Equalizer: Bill de Blasio vs. Inequalitytheatlantic.com
This past may, Bill de Blasio, the first-term mayor of New York City, traveled south from his home turf to Washington, D.C. He had come to solve America’s problems. “What I’m trying to do with the progressive agenda goes far beyond the boundaries of the Democratic Party,” he told me, in the large suite of offices that New York City maintains in downtown D.C. “It’s about changing our national debate and, ultimately, changing policies.” In less than an hour, de Blasio would present what he was grandly calling “The Progressive...
08/24/15Donald Trump and the Future of the GOPtheatlantic.com
What is happening to the Republican Party? I put that question to Lindsey Graham, the senator from South Carolina and basement-dwelling presidential candidate, who was getting ready to hold a campaign event in Hooksett, New Hampshire. “Well, the front-runner is crazy,” Graham said.
10/31/14Not That Kind of Republicantheatlantic.com
In the tiny storefront that houses the Boulder County Republicans, the air is thick with paranoia. At the front of the crowded room, the county GOP chairwoman, Ellyn Hilliard, is lecturing on voter fraud and the Democratic conspiracy she's convinced is afoot to steal the election. I had expected Boulder Republicans to be a slightly more conservative version of everyone else in this liberal college town—laid-back and crunchy and clad in polar fleece—but that, it seems, is not the case. When Cory Gardner, the Republicans'...