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  • Tom Emmer, a former GOP State Representative of Minnesota and currently running for Representative Bachmann's open seat, participated in an advertisement for a home remodeling company while at the time standing in front of his campaign poster and announcing that he is running for Congress. While the spot was eerie enough, Mr. Emmer seems to have broken campaign finance law by doing the commercial. Mr. Emmer claims that the ad was never supposed to be aired, but has not given any explanation as to why he did the ad in the first place.
  • One of Representative Michele Bachmann's top aides was arrested and charged with theft in connection with objects being stolen from the Rayburn House Office Building earlier this year. Capitol Police installed a hidden camera in Representative Bachmann's office during their investigation and left bait money to lure the perpetrator. When they reviewed the footage of the hidden camera after some money went missing, it was determined that Javier Sanchez was the individual responsible for the burglaries and he was subsequently arrested.
  • The Office of Congressional Ethics is probing Michele Bachmann's presidential campaign for improper use of campaign funds during her failed 2012 bid for president. The investigation is focusing on alleged intentional campaign-finance violations, specifically improper transfer of funds and under-the-table payments involving Guy Short, the congresswoman's campaign’s national political director, and her Iowa campaign chairman, state Sen. Kent Sorenson. The investigators are primarily focusing on what Ms. Bachmann knew about these men's actions and when she knew it.
  • Representative Michelle Bachmann has been refusing to pay five staffers that worked on her failed Presidential bid because they refused to sign a nondisclosure agreement stating that they wouldn't discuss any “unethical, immoral, or criminal activity” that they witnessed on the campaign trail with Ms. Bachmann.
  • Former U.S. officials, NGO leaders, and academics concerned with U.S. policy in the region are circulating a letter to Speaker Boehner and Leader Pelosi, urging that the anti-Muslim conspiracy theorists on the House Intelligence Committee be replaced. The conspiracy theorists are causing international relations damage by fueling many conspiracy theories in Egypt and the Middle East.
  • A suit filed by Barb Heki, a former aide for Michele Bachmann, alleges that Michele Bachmann's presidential campaign stole a private email list from her and was then blamed for the lists use. Ms. Heki claims that she refused to provide the list to the Bachmann campaign, but that the list somehow got in the hands of the campaign and she was subsequently named as media as the individual that provided the list.
  • Bachmann signed a pledge put forth by The Family Leader which inferred that children of slaves lived in a better environment in 1860 than African American children do today because there are more single parents now than then. The language of slavery has since been removed and Bachmann claims the pledge did not have that language in it at all when she signed it.
  • ‘God Has Created You for Heterosexuality’: Clinics Owned by Michele Bachmann’s Husband Practice Ex-Gay Therapy.
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