Opinion Articles & Editorials Written By Michael Hirsh

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03/17/16How Trump Rebranded the GOPpolitico.com
Whatever else you might say about him, Donald Trump is one of the great branders of our age. And what he’s accomplished over the nine months since he took that now-notorious ride down the Trump Tower escalator is plainly his life’s masterwork: his rebranding of the GOP in his own image.
09/29/15Obama’s New Best Friend in Syria: Vladimir Putinpolitico.com
The bad blood between Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin and their so-called dueling speeches at the United Nations on Monday masks a deeper reality: The two presidents are today in more alignment than they have been in years on what to do about the threat from Syria. As a result, some sources suggest that despite the tough rhetoric on the surface between the two countries, there’s a much higher likelihood of an accommodation with Moscow—an accommodation that will prolong Bashar al-Assad’s regime at least for a time and place...