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  • New York Republican Michael Grimm physically threatened to break a reporter in half after he was asked a question regarding an ongoing investigation into his campaign finance activities. Grimm later claimed that he became upset because the reporter was not supposed to ask him anything regarding his current scandal and was only supposed to ask him about the President's State of the Union address.
  • FBI agents are interested in Grimm’s failure to file paperwork related to his trip to Cyprus following his Israeli junket, which had been paid for by the Cyprus Federation of America. The president of that company was arrested on federal corruption charges in June. Grimm had reported the Israel trip in his initial filing in May but did not list the trip to Cyprus until he amended it in June, one day after Cyprus Federation of America’s president was arrested.
  • The FBI is investigating Micheal Grimm on allegations that he solicited improper campaign contributions from Rabbi Ofer Biton. Allegations persist that Grimm accepted a $500,000 cash contribution in close proximity to the FBI building in New York. Three witnesses confirmed to the New York Times that Grimm and Biton gave them personal assurances that they would accept campaign contributions above the legal limit. Paul Duffy, a Staten Island voter, filed a complaint against Grimm with the Federal Election Commission. Grimm was arrested on 4/28/2014 on 20 counts that includes fraud and perjury.