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Michael Flynn speaking during the change of directorship for the Defense Intelligence AgeMichael Flynn speaking during the change of directorship for the Defense Intelligence AgeBy: Department of Homeland Securit

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  • Former National Security Michael Flynn apparently took money from Russian government officials and then didn't disclose it to government officials. It is felony to receive money from a foreign government and then fail to disclose it. Update: Michael Flynn has invoked his 5th Amendment right and is refusing to provide documents that the Senate Intelligence Committee subpoenaed.
  • Donald Trump pressured former FBI Director James Comey to end an investigation into Michael Flynn, telling Mr. Comey that he "hopes you can let this go," according to a recently released memo Comey wrote immediately after the conversation. It is illegal, even for the President of the United States, to impede an investigation being conducted by the Department of Justice or the FBI.
  • Donald Trump was personally warned by President Obama that Michael Flynn was potentially compromised by the Russian government two days after the Presidential election. Trump ignored President Obama's warning and asked Flynn to be his National Security Adviser. Flynn was fired from the position weeks later after it was revealed that he lied about conversations he had with the Russian Ambassador to the United States.
  • Donald Trump claimed that former President Barack Obama was to blame for Michael Flynn's vetting because Flynn accepted payments from Russian officials during the Obama Administration. Trump claimed that he decided not to vet Flynn because "he was approved at the highest level of security by the Obama administration."
  • Former National Security Michael Flynn discussed kidnapping exiled Turkish cleric Fethullah Gülen from his home in Pennsylvania and covertly transporting him back to Turkey where he is wanted for allegedly aiding an attempted coup against the Turkish government. Flynn denies partaking in the conversation, but former CIA head James Woolsey insists that the conversation did take place.
  • Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn lobbied on behalf of the Turkish government at the same time he was working on Donald Trump's Presidential campaign and even after Trump was elected. Flynn recently filed paperwork with the Department of Justice that he conducted "$530,000 worth of lobbying work from August through November that may have aided the Turkish government." The Trump Administration claimed they were unaware of Flynn's lobbying.
  • Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn apparently told the FBI that he did not discuss sanctions with the Russian Ambassador during the Presidential transition, which appears to be a lie since it was later discovered that he actually did discuss the matter with the Ambassador. Lying to the FBI is a felony which can carry a prison sentence if convicted.
  • National Security Adviser Michael Flynn had a phone call with a high ranking Russian official during the Presidential transition and then lied about the topics that were discussed on the call to then Vice-President elect Mike Pence. Flynn claimed that he didn't discuss easing sanctions against Russia after Trump was sworn into office, but then backtracked and said that he couldn't remember if he did. Officials in the Justice Department warned the incoming Trump administration that Flynn was especially prone to blackmail, but those warnings were ignored. Update: Flynn has resigned from his position as National Security Adviser.