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  • Of all the pieces of legislation that came about to help dig America out of the Great Depression, none had a greater impact than the Social Security Act. This single piece of legislation and subsequent amendments expanding the eligible number of recipients dramatically rewrote the social compact between the federal government and the citizens it governs.
  • America has her share of legitimate federal holidays. We rightfully celebrate our first President's birthday, a civil rights icon, our independence, soldiers who fought and died for our country, and even sprinkle in a couple blatantly religious holidays to boot. However, there is one holiday we as a nation should seriously reconsider if we are going to be honest about our true history.

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    MAY DAY TORONTO 2013Wed May 01, 2013
    This is today's celebration of the International Worker's Day at Toronto's Nathan Philips Square. Leave a comment, and subscribe! More good stuff coming. The...
  • Oxford May Day Celebrations 2010
    Oxford May Day Celebrations 2010Sat May 01, 2010
    May Morning at Magdalen College, Oxford - choristers and bagpipes, bridge jumping, and dancing in the street.