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03/09/16Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders: The Good
Hillary Clinton's Super Tuesday speech, delivered before a gathering of supporters in Miami, was a more polished version of a speech I'd heard her give three days earlier in Columbia, South Carolina. The Columbia rally took place at an indoor volleyball court at the University of South Carolina. The floor of the gymnasium had been covered with a blue tarp, possibly to protect the wood, but also maybe to hide the name of the team, the Gamecocks, and its mascot, a giant red cockfighting rooster, complete with sharpened spurs...
07/09/15Weekend With
The very first question at the very first Bernie 2016 Iowa town-hall meeting comes from a bearded young guy wearing a Green Lantern T-shirt. He wants to know what the candidate plans to do, if elected president, when it comes to regulating online poker. "Let me be very honest with you: That's not an issue I've given a lot of thought," Bernie Sanders, the 73-year-old junior senator from Vermont, says bluntly. He pauses for a moment, then mutters, "I think one of my kids does play a lot of poker. If the issue is, should co...
10/23/14The Great Kansas Tea Party
The Republican party headquarters in Wichita, Kansas, shares space in a strip mall with Best Friends Pet Clinic, a cowboy-boot repair shop and a Chinese restaurant called the Magic Wok. Inside, on a recent Wednesday afternoon, a modest gathering of party faithful mill about, I'M A BROWNBACKER stickers affixed to their blouses and lapels. It's a terrible slogan. Four years ago, when Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback first took office, you might've wondered if these people, on some subliminal level, actually wanted to be humiliate...