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12/12/15Bad Cops, Good
In early November, 2014, Craig Futterman, a law professor at the University of Chicago, got a call from someone who worked in law enforcement in that city. The caller told Futterman about a squad-car dashboard-camera video from a few weeks earlier, which showed a police officer shooting to death a seventeen-year-old boy named Laquan McDonald. According to the source, the video was at striking odds with the version of the incident that the Chicago Police Department had presented. In that account, the officer, Jason Van Dyke,...
10/05/15Bernie Sanders, The Populist
If you attended a Bernie Sanders rally this summer, when his seemingly quixotic Presidential campaign began gathering force, you might have noticed a few surprising things about the crowd. One was the scarcity of nonwhite faces—a problem that the campaign would soon be confronted by, very publicly. Another was how many young people were turning out to see an irascible seventy-four-year-old senator from Vermont. But that’s a little like being surprised that some millennials appreciate Neil Young or Joni Mitchell at a time wh...
08/12/15The G.O.P.’s Misogyny
In the United States, our most successful demagogues have often become so by making skillful use of whatever the newest media was at the time. Charles Coughlin, the Catholic priest who railed against Jews and capitalism in the nineteen-thirties, did most of his railing via the radios that the American masses had just recently acquired. In the early fifties, Joseph McCarthy took advantage of television’s advent to attract gavel-to-gavel attention for his congressional hearings. Donald Trump is a celebrity demagogue, and, for...