Opinion Articles & Editorials Written By Maajid Nawaz

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01/02/16Saudi Arabia's ISIS-Like Justicethedailybeast.com
Most countries ushered in their new year by hosting increasingly beautiful displays of fireworks. Others, by increasingly archaic displays of public execution. Today Saudi Arabia executed 47 people which is the biggest mass execution in the kingdom since the early 1980s.
11/19/15ISIS Is Just One of a Full-Blown Global Jihadist Insurgencythedailybeast.com
The first female jihadist suicide bomber to blow herself up on European shores struck this week in St. Denis, France. The pope and King Abdullah of Jordan have both named ISIS’s assault on Paris as the start of World War III. I disagree. Those two horrific World Wars involved states and conventional armies. Until now—and our reaction will determine whether it stays this way—this has been a conflict involving an asymmetric non-state actor, which by its sheer audacity is forcing states to reconsider the precarious status q...