10/25/13Tim MurphyWashington, D.C.Tim Murphy
Tim Murphy
We were promised a website where people could easily compare plans and costs. $500 million later, we find the American public have been dumped with the ultimate cash for clunkers, except they had to pay the cash and still got the clunker.
10/25/13Bill HemmerAmericas NewsroomBill Hemmer
Bill Hemmer
Some estimate that your government has spent $500 million already and some say they are not done yet... Is this going to be the first billion dollar website?
10/25/13Katie PavlichKatie Pavlich
Katie Pavlich
Based on the history here in Washington D.C. of solving problems by throwing more federal money at a problem they have already spent lots of money on, in this case $500 million.
10/22/13Dave CampWashington, D.C.Dave Camp
Dave Camp
After spending over $600 million, the American people want answers to some very basic questions about the launch of ObamaCare. Why doesn’t the website work?
10/08/13Andrew CoutsBlogAndrew Couts
Andrew Couts
But the fact that can’t do the one job it was built to do isn’t the most infuriating part of this debacle – it’s that we, the taxpayers, seem to have forked up more than $634 million of the federal purse to build the digital equivalent of a rock.