The Census is Being Manipulated to Skew Obamacare Numbers

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Date Originated: April of 2014
Categories: Obamacare
President Obama's critics are claiming that the Census Bureau has changed its annual survey's questions to determine the amount of individuals who have health care coverage so the Obama Administration will be able to report that more American's have health coverage than actually do. The truth of the matter is that the new questions were developed during the Bush Administration, well before Obamacare became law, and are intended to provide a more accurate number of the amount of individuals who have health insurance coverage.
Articles on this Lie
  • Just a quick note in support of government statisticians. They do an incredibly important job, and by and large do it very well. They’ve also maintained a well-deserved reputation for staying out of the political fray, of acting as civil servants, not party apparatchiks. You can argue that the Census decision to change its health-insurance questionnaire starting with the 2013 data wasn’t such a good idea — in fact, I know a number of health care experts who are dismayed. But it’s really quite vile to have talk-show hosts who quite literally know nothing about the field, other than that they’re against covering the uninsured, casually accusing Census of “cooking the books” to support Obamacare.

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