Liberal TV Hosts List

TV Host
Latest ContentContent Date
Alec Baldwin109Alec Baldwin is priceless2017-01-16
Krystal Ball32Party of ‘No’ on Medicaid expansion2012-07-12
Martin Bashir1521where is martin bashier?2013-12-04
Bob Beckel16Beckel Calls out Fox News on blatant lies2012-08-17
Joy Behar31Behar and Hasselbeck leaving The View2013-03-10
Mika Brzezinski36Mika Brzezinski's protest of 'trivial journalism: Good or B...2011-12-06
Stephen Colbert2837A nice Colbert impression2018-04-26
Touré22Touré, Racial Politics, And "Breaking Bad"2012-12-01
Alan Colmes43Santorum brings 2-hour-old past away baby home to 'play wit...2012-03-22
Ellen DeGeneres011
Ronan Farrow48Ronan Farrow to host new MSNBC show2013-10-04
Whoopi Goldberg12Whoopi Goldberg To Receive Ally For Equality Award2013-01-15
Melissa Harris-Perry21Public education2013-10-26
Chris Hayes913Ed Schultz Moving to the Weekend2015-09-14
Rachel Maddow13726Dr. Rachel Maddow's best seller, DRIFT2020-08-11
Bill Maher4623L'histoire ce repette2016-10-18
Chris Matthews8318'slow' Saturday night massacre2018-08-27
Trevor Noah02
Lawrence O'Donnell4417Lawrence O'Donnell Injured in Car Accident2014-04-19
Keith Olbermann4212Keith Olbermann 176 reasons, going viral2016-09-14
Ed Schultz10416GOP voter supression2020-09-14
Al Sharpton8924Racism in America2015-02-11
Eliot Spitzer32Keith Olbermann Fired from Current TV - Planning Lawsuit2012-04-03
Jerry Springer01
Jon Stewart3525Jon Stewart Returns to The Daily Show To Shame Congress Ove...2019-07-19
Chuck Todd2821It's Official: Chuck Todd Will Replace David Gregory at...2014-08-25
Cenk Uygur202The Young Turks2013-03-15
Alex Wagner49Alex Wagner Marries America's 'First Chef' in Weekend Weddi...2014-09-01
Alex Witt00