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04/17/08Ron PaulFmr U.S. Respresentative [R-T...Marijuana Should be Legalized
Ron Paul
Ron Paul and Barney Frank introduced US House of Representatives: H.R. 5843 (To eliminate most Federal penalties for possession of marijuana for personal use).
02/25/09Glenn BeckConservative Radio HostMarijuana Should be Legalized
Glenn Beck
“I think it’s about time we legalize marijuana.” He added, “We have to make a choice in this country. We either put people who are smoking marijuana, behind bars, or we legalize it…[banning cannabis] is not helping us, it’s not helping Mexico, and it is causing massive damage on our southern border.”
10/29/09Tom TancredoMarijuana Should be Legalized
Tom Tancredo
A lot of what pushed me into this position was watching what happened on the border, he explains. The issue of violence that surrounds it — not just on the border — and the crime all over the place. The number of people in prison and the amount we spend to keep them there. The broken families. When you add it all up, when you put all the stuff on the scales — so to speak — there's no question, he says. It tips automatically to the legalization side.
07/25/07Dana RohrabacherRep [R-CA]Marijuana Should be Legalized
Dana Rohrabacher
Co-Sponsored the The Hinchey-Rohrabacher medical marijuana amendment (House Amendment 272).

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