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Republican Virginia Attorney General

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  • Governor Jan Brewer vetoed Arizona's "religious liberty" bill last evening, putting the brakes on what could have been one of the most discriminatory laws in the country had she given it her approval.

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  • For the second time in as many months, Rand Paul has been accused of using the words of someone else without giving proper attribution. Paul and Cuccineli filed a lawsuit against the NSA, but much of the lawsuits verbiage was a carbon copy of former Reagan attorney Bruce Fein's words.
  • Ken Cuccinelli is exhibiting a new low in politics after refusing to telephone Governor-elect Terry McAuliffe to offer his congratulations and personal concession. It is customary for the losing party to contact the winner and concede after an election has been called, but Cuccinelli has refused to do so.
  • An undercover investigation by the women's rights group NARAL has shown that right wing "crisis pregnancy centers" in Virginia are misinforming and misleading pregnant women seeking counseling. The centers, strongly backed by Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, are promoted as an alternative to Planned Parenthood. NARAL secretly recorded a conversation between a crisis pregnancy center employee and a young woman that shows the employee lecturing her about having sex before marriage and giving her blatantly false information regarding various forms of contraception. The employee also imposes her religious views on the woman and how god's plan is for women to only have sex within a marriage.
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