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02/15/16Republicans, Beware the Abe Fortas Precedentpolitico.com
In June 1968, an election year, Chief Justice Earl Warren announced that he’d be retiring from the Supreme Court, and President Lyndon Johnson moved to elevate Associate Justice Abe Fortas, a longtime friend and ally, to the top spot. But a coalition of conservative Republicans and Southern Democrats blocked Fortas’ rise. He remained associate justice, and a new chief justice wasn’t appointed until President Richard Nixon took office the following year.
08/18/15How Teddy Roosevelt Ruined Vacation for U.S. Presidentspolitico.com
“Presidents don’t get vacations—they just get a change of scenery,” said Nancy Reagan in 1985 in defense of her husband’s frequent trips to his ranch in California. Indeed, modern presidents are expected to take working vacations—to manage affairs of state, read weighty and important works of nonfiction (dutifully chronicled by obliging press secretaries), keep in close contact with their advisers and, of course, be fully accessible to members of the fourth estate. If they dare mistime their getaways and find themselves, sa...