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  • In her DNC speech, the nominee laid out why her opponent risks toppling the world order. Why the war-and-peace conversation is not only fair—it’s necessary.
  • Rep. Paul Ryan, the former vice-presidential candidate and soon to be speaker of the House, is smart, pleasant, and willing to compromise—a “good guy, a decent guy,” as Vice President Joe Biden said on 60 Minutes last Sunday. Ryan’s shrewd maneuvering since John Boehner announced his retirement will likely make him a powerful speaker. By conveying sincerity and civic virtue in his role as the reluctant Cincinnatus, he will take the gavel without having to promise much to the Freedom Caucus, headed by Rep. Jim Jordan, who showed what a nasty piece of work he is during the Benghazi hearings.
  • Sep 13 2015
    Jimmy Carter, American Superhero
    It’s hard to miss Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter’s house in Plains, Georgia, population 755. There’s only one road leading into town and the Secret Service guard post is right on it. I’m in the research phase of a biography of the former president and have been spending as much time as I can with his family, friends, and associates. When my son and I arrived last Saturday for my second interview this summer at their comfortable home at 1 Woodland Drive, we were warmly greeted by Mrs. Carter, who just celebrated her 88th birthday last month. She’s as formidable as ever, even if she often speaks so softly that you have to lean in to hear her.