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John Hickenlooper speaking at the Industry Growth ForumJohn Hickenlooper speaking at the Industry Growth Forum

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  • Waving The White Flag Won't Win You This Election, Mr. Foley
    "Sometimes I can't believe the things you say, Tom. So let's talk about the specifics." That was a response by current Governor Dannel Malloy to his running mate (R) Tom Foley, during their CBA debate to decide the next governor for Connecticut. And I think that line sums up well the feel of this gubernatorial race.
  • State Highway Patrol to Take Over Police Operations in Feguson, MO
    Missouri Governor Jay Nixon announced that he has ordered the Highway Patrol to take over all security and police operations in the town of Ferguson, Missouri after the local and country police force proved unable to properly handle the ongoing protests over the shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager who lived in the town.

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04/24/12Hickenlooper: Solar? Wind? Oil and gas? All of the above in
Hicklenlooper Blogs: Colorado is recognized as a leader in wind, solar and geothermal energy, and for what former Gov. Bill Ritter called the "new energy economy." Colorado is also home to abundant supplies of natural gas and low-sulfur coal.

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