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John BoehnerSpeaker of the House John Boehner at the 2011 State of the Union AddressBy: Pete Souza

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  • GOP Leaders Ignore Selma Anniversary at Their Own Peril
    The Republican Leadership in Congress needs an intervention. There's just no other way to put it. How can a party who proclaims they want to open up their tent and be more welcoming to people who aren't old, white men not foresee the terrible optics of ignoring the 50th Anniversary of one of the worst racial injustices in modern history? I get it.
  • Sorry Bibi, You Aren't in Charge of America's Foreign Policy
    Who exactly is in charge of American foreign policy? President Obama or Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu? Any middle-school aged student would easily be able to answer this, but the Republican Congress seems to think differently.
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  • Speaker Boehner suffered another embarrassing defeat after his own caucus ran away from the House version of the Farm Bill. After expressing confidence that he had the votes for a bill, Mr. Boehner watched as 62 of his fellow Republicans voted no on the overall bill. After the vote, Mr. Boehner had the audacity to blame House Democrats on the defeat, which Leader Pelosi quickly shot down.
  • Twelve House Republicans delivered a warning shot to Speaker Boehner today by either voting "no" or "present" when it was their turn to vote for Speaker of the House. This was the largest defection among a ruling party voting for their Speaker in over two decades.
  • Boehner takes political discourse to a new level by telling Harry Reid “Go fuck yourself,” as they crossed paths just outside the Oval Office. “What are you talking about?” Reid asked in surprise. “Go fuck yourself,” Boehner repeated.
  • Speaker Boehner pulled his tax plan from consideration after realizing that it would not pass the House. The fact that the Speaker of the House of Representatives can not get his caucus to fall in line shows that he has lost total control of his conference. Now that the House Republicans has publically rebuked their leader, the negotiations are at a stand still. With the clock ticking towards the fiscal cliff, Speaker Boehner now has a significantly weaker hand in negotiations with the President and Senate Democrats.
  • Speaker Boehner has tried to regain control of his caucus by punishing some House members for not voting in lockstep with the leadership in the last congress. The Republican steering committee removed Reps. David Schweikert and Walter Jones from the Financial Services Committee. They also removed Reps. Justin Amash and Tim Huelskamp from the Budget Committee.
  • Congress was set to approve a $60 billion relief fund bill for the New York and New Jersey victims of Hurricane Sandy on January 1st, 2013. Both House Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor had publicly agreed that quick action must be taken for relief for this natural disaster. But, when it came time to pass the pill, Boehner pulled the legislation last minute. It is reported he did so to pay back Republicans, namely Eric Cantor, for voting against him in the Fiscal Cliff deal just days before. Gov. Chris Christie and Peter King, among many others, were completely outraged when this happened. And, after two full days of heated debate and backlash against his actions, Boehner re-entered the deal and put it back into motion.
  • House Republicans are scrambling to explain themselves one day after announcing 19 committee chairmanships, 18 of which went to white males. After multiple media outlets pointed out this fact, House Leadership announced that Rep. Candice Miller will be named chair of the House Administration Committee. Ms. Miller has never served on the committee before, but Speaker Boehner had no women to choose from in the two remaining committees and was forced to search elsewhere.
  • Eric Cantor and John Boehner have been feuding behind the scenes for the past year. Senior staffers to Boehner and Cantor have met several times during the past month in an attempt to iron out their differences — which range from style to strategy to substance. They have recently decided, for the good of the Republican Party to set aside or at least tone down their rivalry.
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