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  • The Other Clinton Foundation Our Media is Silent About
    The Clinton Foundation has been the topic of seemingly endless media attention ever since Secretary Clinton announced her intention to run for President, but what the media has been eerily silent about is the other Clinton Foundation that the family runs - The Clinton Family Foundation.
  • And In This Corner, Gov Rick Scott: The Master of Doublespeak And Nonsense
    "Governor Scott... I'm not sure I got an answer to the question.." That was a remark from one of the moderators at the gubernatorial debate between incumbent Florida Governor Rick Scott and his Democratic opponent, Charlie Crist. Rick Scott was asked a very straight forward question on discrimination with gay marriage: "Governor Scott, you say you are against discrimination.

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05/15/12Facts show Democrats are job
Bloomberg studied the past 50 years of U.S. job creation, under Democratic and Republican presidents. The facts: For the near half-century following the Kennedy administration, Democrats created nearly twice as many private-sector jobs as Republicans.

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