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  • May 08 2013
    Jeffrey Sachs: Time to End the Tax Havens
    In recent weeks, citizens in many countries have been learning more about one of the biggest and most dangerous scams in the world: the global web of tax havens that U.S. and European politicians and bankers have nurtured over the years. The situation is absurd, dangerous and out of control.
  • When the Columbia University professor Jeffrey Sachs unloaded at a Philadelphia Fed conference in April, telling attendees that most of the daily business of Wall Street is “prima facie criminal behavior,” he set off a small storm, but not exactly in the way one might thin
  • I recently published a Washington Post op-ed called "Deficits do Matter" that was co-authored with talk-show host, commentator and former Congressman Joe Scarborough. The piece argues that high and rising levels of public debt are a real concern. It also makes the case that the stimulus packages that began in 2009 --which have consisted mainly of temporary tax cuts and transfer payments -- have significantly raised the public debt while doing very little to solve the nation's long-term employment and growth problems.