Opinion Articles & Editorials Written By Jeff Stein

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05/15/17Senate Dems have a doomed strategy on Comey. Activists want them to go nuclear.vox.com
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is drawing a line in the sand: Democrats won’t vote for any replacement for FBI Director James Comey until a special prosecutor is chosen to investigate President Trump’s ties to Russia.
03/13/17Barack Obama has a plan for the Trump eravox.com
In the cafes of New York City and the offices of Chicago, blue America seeks his wisdom like he’s a prophet or a sage. What should we do? they ask. Show us the path. He likes to respond with a joke — a dad joke.
02/16/17The Trump era is shredding Senate comityvox.com
Around the time of Donald Trump’s inauguration, Ben Wikler began visiting the DC offices of Senate Democrats to press them to fight harder against the new president. The director of the progressive group MoveOn.org, Wikler wanted to know if they would do everything they could to block the Republican agenda.
07/27/16How Hillary Clinton almost lost the nomination — but won the history-making victoryvox.com
The 2016 Democratic primary was supposed to be a boring story. And because Hillary Clinton eventually won the nomination, it’s easy to forget how she almost lost it.