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  • Satsuki Ina was born behind barbed wire in a prison camp during World War II, the daughter of U.S. citizens forced from their home without due process and locked up for years following Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor. Roughly 120,000 Japanese immigrants and Japanese-Americans were sent to desolate camps that dotted the West because the government claimed they might plot against the U.S. Thousands were elderly, disabled, children or infants too young to know the meaning of treason. Two-thirds were citizens.
  • In early 1942, a World War I veteran named Hideo Murata went to see his local sheriff. The two were old friends, and Murata wanted to know if the stories he was hearing were true, that every person of Japanese descent living on the West Coast would be evacuated to an internment camp. Murata came bearing an “Honorary Citizen” certificate awarded for his Great War service. He showed it to his friend. The sheriff told him that the order would apply to citizens and non-citizens alike, and even war veterans. He would be evacuated with the others.
  • OK, so Chinese President Xi Jinping and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's brief summit featured all the enthusiasm of two unhappy schoolboys forced to make up after a schoolyard dust-up. In stark contrast, the meeting between South Korean President Park Geun-hye and Xi was all smiles and banter. But even if they remain reluctant reconcilers, Abe and Xi have started the process of mending fences.
  • After taking daring economic measures to drag Japan out of recession, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe may be on the verge of another breakthrough: a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping this coming week at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) gathering in Beijing . During the past year, tensions have escalated between Japan and China over islands in the East China Sea (known in Japan as the Senkaku Islands and in China as the Diaoyu Islands). Diplomatic ties between the two countries have been frozen since 2012, when Japan purchased the islands, and Abe has also come under criticism in China for his 2013 visit to the Yasukuni Shrine to Japan’s war dead, which includes World War II war criminals.
  • The search for survivors was called off today after a volcano erupted on Saturday in Japan, with at least 36 apparent deaths and 63 injured. Mount Ontake, a popular hiking destination, is about 130 miles west of Tokyo on the main Japanese island of Honshu. The volcano erupted just before noon on what was a clear autumn day, leaving hundreds of hikers trapped for several hours.
  • A Japanese volcano popular with hikers erupted on Saturday, killing one woman and seriously injuring more than 30 people, officials and media said. The mountain draws walkers who come to admire the autumn colors on the trees. "It was like thunder," a woman told public broadcaster NHK of the first eruption at the volcano in seven years. "I heard boom, boom, then everything went dark." The Japan Meteorological Agency said the volcano, Mount Ontake, which straddles Nagano and Gifu prefectures 200 km (125 miles) west of Tokyo, erupted just before midday and sent ash pouring down the mountain's south slope for more than three km (two miles).
  • Sep 27 2014
    Erupting Japan volcano injures 30
    At least 30 people have been seriously injured in Japan after Mount Ontake volcano erupted, sending huge plumes of ash and stones into the sky. More than 10 remain unconscious, police said. Some were covered by the debris. The eruption at the 3,067m (10,120ft) peak, situated between Nagano and Gifu prefectures, trapped hundreds of climbers who were forced to seek shelter in lodges near the summit. Some 230 have managed to descend - some 40 have yet to be rescued. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe authorised army units to help those trapped.
  • Comedy Central's top late-night hosts took corporate "inversions" to task on Wednesday night, devoting entire segments of their shows to slam the controversial practice of firms relocating their headquarters overseas for lower tax rates.

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