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  • Authorities seized thousands of computer records from one of Jane Orie's district offices in mid-December 2009, as part of a very private criminal investigation against Orie's campaign goings-on. A story in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette alleged that the core of the investigation involves the employment of one of her district offices for campaign purposes. The Post-Gazette subsequently reported that a University of Pittsburgh student intern had told prosecutors of widespread political campaigning inside the office on behalf of Orie's sister, Judge Melvin. The story also revealed that Orie's chief of staff had begun cooperating with investigators.
  • Pennsylvania State Senator Jane Orie's aide, Alan David Berlin (40), of 8 years was arrested for soliciting sex from a 15 year old boy. In a series of instant messages and online chats, Alan discussed dressing up in animal costumes and engaging in various sex acts with the boy. Mr. Berlin proposed traveling to the boy's home in Harrisburg, about 20 miles from Carlisle, and having sex in the backyard and in a shed on his parents' property. He also allegedly offered to arrange a meeting in a hotel room so Mr. Berlin could take photos of the boy and another adult having sex. Jane Orie fired Mr. Berlin immediately after hearing about this.