Jamie Radtke Extreme Positions On Issues

Jamie Radtke Scandals & Controversies
  • Jamie Radtke was allowed to speak at the RedState Convention to introduce a movie in August. Radtke took this opportunity to also give a long winded speech that tainted the convention. Those who attended the event say of the speech that "Radtke’s performance at the RedState Gathering was both a failure and was disrespectful." They also say the speech was repetitive and mundane. Many people at the convention also questioned if Radtke had been drinking prior to being on stage.
  • Erick Erickson posted on his blog that Jamie Radtke gave a horrible speech at the RedState Convention in August and quipped that she was rumored to be drinking before giving the speech. He also said he was no longer backing her campaign. Radtke demanded an apology and swore she had not been drinking. The next day, Erickson gave a backhanded apology saying that her sobriety during the speech made the situation that much worse. He added that she was a bad candidate.