U.S. Political Issues


List of United States Political Issues

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Political IssueLatest Content
Business & Economy68581019People here don't realize the danger for the future of this country
    Labor1647213Unemployment rate falls below 4%
      Jobs1308178Unemployment rate falls below 4%
        Minimum Wage23750Greetings From Iceland, Land of the $32,000 Minimum Wage
        Offshoring326Rich man and can man in the light of the lamp
        Unemployment Rate12324Unemployment rate falls below 4%
      Labor Unions29731Capitalists Power
    Macroeconomics2817550People here don't realize the danger for the future of this country
      Free Trade22026People here don't realize the danger for the future of this country
      Monetary Policy19262Open letter to Pelosi on “Pay-go”
        Federal Reserve6345The case for Janet Yellen as Fed Chair
        Gold Standard271Is America Rich?
        Inflation & Deflation362Inflation rising.
      Taxes1779402The Proposed Trump Tax Overhaul legislation
        Corporate Taxes9632The result of the tax cuts
          Offshore Tax Shelters59mitt's taxes
        Tax Shelters4116Merger between Pfizer and Astrazeneca
      U.S. Debt & Deficits7966422 trillion debt for what?!
        Debt Ceiling18535Debt ceiling/ Government budget etc.
    Regulation31490Derivatives and nuclear weapons.
      Financial Regulation27076Derivatives and nuclear weapons.
Civil & Human Rights72241106Hypocrisy of faith-based and anti-abortion groups
    Individual Rights & Freedoms2296593Hypocrisy of faith-based and anti-abortion groups
      Freedom of Press226Free press no more?
      Freedom of Religion42940William Barr
      Freedom of Speech24025sara palin
      Gay Rights1211391Obama's Executive Order A Big Win for Gay Rights
        Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)9222Texas Gay Marriage Ban Struck Down
        Gay Adoption84New Study Debunks Conservative Talking Points on Gay Adoption
        Gay Marriage744167Gay Marriage Bans Are Getting Struck Down, state by state by state
        Gays in Military4320Jeh Johnson Nominated for Homeland Security Secretary
          Don't Ask Don't Tell2915Jeh Johnson Nominated for Homeland Security Secretary
      Right to Privacy5016Invasion of privacy.A
      Right to Vote15362New idea from the GOP for voter suppression
      Women's Rights34876Hypocrisy of faith-based and anti-abortion groups
    Abortion579129Hypocrisy of faith-based and anti-abortion groups
    Discrimination21167American flag is racist
      Affirmative Action2711Michigan's Affirmative Action Ban Upheld by Supreme Court
      Profiling8111Muhammad Ali Jr. Detained at Airport for being Muslim
    Gambling57Point blank perspective???? Guns/prostitutes/drugs/booze/rock and roll/theater/cards/
    Gun Control2986106George Zimmerman to auction off his gun
    Human Trafficking1103Human Slavery, Prostitution and America's denial of a rising problem
    Legalization of Drugs611147Biden & Marijuana
      Legalizing Marijuana509134Biden & Marijuana
        Medical Marijuana4930Medical Marijuana Sanja Gupta
    Racial Politics1772376Racism is so wrong.
      Racism1078223Racism is so wrong.
    Torture17755Torture as Trump sees it.
Education822124Trump wants more pizzas and french fries for school kids
    Abstinence Only Education 4614CDC Announces All Time Low Birth Rate. Teen Pregnancy Is Down 17% from 2007
    Charter Schools13Charter School Lottery
    Head Start Program521The Senate's Budget Vote-a-rama
    Higher Education3515Sen Brian Schatz: Don't play the "pay-for" game
    Homeschooling41Unschooling... an option that works or doesn't?
    Pell Grants17Pell Grants: Is Obama losing the battle on higher education?
    Sex Education 503condoms and politics
    Teachers3913why Arizona teachers are walking out
      Teachers Pay13Teacher's Average Pay for Texas
      Teachers Unions144Teacher's Tenure Laws Struck Down by California Judge
Environment1924337Should Wind Power be Government Supported or Private Supported
    Endangered Species04
    Energy782126Should Wind Power be Government Supported or Private Supported
      Energy Independence484regarding "energy independence"
      Fossil Fuels20530Gasoline Price Collusion
        Fracking3410TX Gov. George Abbott overturns local fracking ban in Denton
        Gasoline Prices877Gasoline Price Collusion
        Offshore Drilling117Is it worth it?
      Nuclear Energy2630Chernobyl on ice
        Yucca Mountain71Is Yucca Mountain a good idea?
      Renewable Energy43534Should Wind Power be Government Supported or Private Supported
        Biofuels11Upcoming forms of biofuel
        Geothermal Energy10Pros and Cons of Geothermal Energy
        Hydropower30Are we ignoring Hydropower?
        Solar Power28011A solar "wall?
        Wind Power2710Should Wind Power be Government Supported or Private Supported
    Global Warming795193The Paris Climate Change Agreement
Foreign Policy108092114How the 2020 election can evolve into disaster.
    International Relations1536289How the 2020 election can evolve into disaster.
    Military & Defense2010157Dr. Rachel Maddow's best seller, DRIFT
      Guantanamo Bay20014Again the issue of closing Guantanamo.
      The Draft690Was ending the draft a mistake?
      Weapons69198The Syrian stupidity
        Combat Drones19711Expendable Lives
        Joint Strike Fighter (F-35)010
          Biological Weapons01
          Chemical Weapons20414The Syrian stupidity
          Nuclear Weapons20638Nuke hurricanes?
        Weapons of Mass Destruction41053The Syrian stupidity
    Treaties & Agreements39086The NATO meeting
      Kyoto Protocol43Is quota transfer a good idea?
      NAFTA740Automotive Tariffs and the New Economy in USA
      NATO12222The NATO meeting
      Nuclear Proliferation3317Iran and Nuclear Weapons
        Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty121Iran and Nuclear Weapons
        START Treaties62Trump's proposed nuclear reduction deal with Russia
      United Nations10043UN climate change conference
    Wars & Conflicts3885853War With Iran Will Make the Iraq War Look Like Child's Play
      1991 Persian Gulf War20Oil Spills as War Tactics in the Gulf War
      2001 Afghanistan War35147The Afghanistan debacle
        Taliban1228The Taliban and America's Endless War
      2003 Iraq War42192Racism and the "American Sniper"
      Darfur Conflict32MSNBC Promo Trivializes Genocide
      Israel vs Palestinians388109The Kushner/Trump Middle East "Giveaway Plan"
      North Korea vs South Korea2966North Korea
      Somali Civil War12Why is there piracy?
      Sri Lankan Civil War13Sri Lanka investigating itself for human rights violations
      Terrorism1214371Time is up. ISIS under control ?
        Al-Qaeda14254Father of dead Navy Seal in botched Yemen raid seeks answers
        Hezbollah90The Syrian Uprising & Bashar al-Assad
        Islamic State (ISIS)673193Time is up. ISIS under control ?
          Joseph Kony00
        Lord's Resistance Army00
        Pakistani Taliban1814Pakistani Taliban Attack Military School, Killing At Least 135 Children
Health & Welfare2082433Refuting Bernie’s “Destroy-America plan” meme
    Government Benefits977374Refuting Bernie’s “Destroy-America plan” meme
      Disability Benefits05
      FHA Loans00
      Food Stamp Program10923Cost Of Food Stamps
      Government Health Benefits374181Refuting Bernie’s “Destroy-America plan” meme
        Children's Health Insurance Progra...1920The "Poverty Threshold" for Obamacare
          Medicaid64110Medicaid and Annuity
          Medicare13954Paul Ryan wants to get rid of Medicare
        Medicare & Medicaid370171Refuting Bernie’s “Destroy-America plan” meme
      Student Loans5633Refuting Bernie’s “Destroy-America plan” meme
      Housing Assistance2820Foreclosure Alternative.
        Public Housing122Why My Opinions of FDR Have Changed Over Time
        Section 8 Housing019
      Social Security39645How the GOP wants to get rid of Social Security
      Unemployment Benefits7828Unemployment Birthers See New Conspiracy
      Veterans Benefits1725does free college makes sense?
        GI Bill106does free college makes sense?
      Welfare Program4128North Carolina Republican Making Six Figures Busted For Welfare Fraud
Laws & Crime2710512Alabama Republicans Apparently Nominated a Child Predator for Senate
    Campaign Finance Reform5325107 million
    Capital Punishment6927My Expectations this year
    Hate Crimes12912words matter
    Pardons245Manafort Pardon Expected. Not if, just when.
    Police Abuse1435249Unless you're black
      Police Brutality1320212Unless you're black
    Prisons18236Governor Haley Barbour Pardons 200+ On His Last Day
      Mandatory Minimum Sentences01
      Three Strikes Laws00
    Tort Reform11Tort Reform is Putting the Seventh Amendment Under Siege
Religion7035260Hypocrisy of faith-based and anti-abortion groups
    Faith Based Initiatives445Cardinal Dolan's empty threat
    Intelligent Design11519Proof of Intelligent Design
    School Prayer113Illinois Moment of Silence to return
    Separation of Church & State45349Christian Evangelicals use their chuch pulpit to advance Republican agenda
Science & Technology1356172The Big Bang created God
    Genetically Engineered Foods72March Against Monsanto
    High Speed Rail104Inouye secures $1.5 billion for high speed rail project
    Internet Neutrality2035No More Net Nutraility
    Scientific Discoveries818Dinosaur with one finger
    Stem Cell Research72New source for STEM CELLS -- for important research.