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The three color choices for the iPhone 5S.The three color choices for the iPhone 5S.By: Paul
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  • Apple's iOS8 and iPhone 6 Models Give Users Plenty To Be Excited About
    With the release of Apple's iOS8 mobile operating system and the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, there is plenty to be excited about in the Apple tech world. Question is, which is the better upgrade, the iOS8 operating system (which is a free upgrade for current Apple device owners) or the 6th model of the vaunted iPhone series phones? That's one way of looking at it.

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  • Best iOS 8 features explained
    Best iOS 8 features explainedThu Sep 18, 2014
    Hesitant to jump into Apple's latest OS? Senior Associate Editor Matt Swider and Associate Editor Nick Pino talk about the ins, outs, and everything you need to know before you hit dow...
  • Apple’s iOS 8, Why You Should Wait
    Apple’s iOS 8, Why You Should WaitWed Sep 17, 2014
    Apple’s iOS 8 is here, but as much as people are excited to upgrade, we at PCMag recommend most people wait. Join Jill Duffy as she explains why it’s a good idea to chill out and not u...
  • Type faster with the iOS 8 keyboard
    Type faster with the iOS 8 keyboardWed Sep 17, 2014
    The new iOS 8 keyboard predicts your next words while typing and even accounts for the people you're talking to.
  • iOS 8 Walkthrough
    iOS 8 WalkthroughWed Sep 17, 2014
    iOS 8 is now available to the public! Check out this video to get the details on some of the new features introduced with the updated OS.
  • What to expect when upgrading to iOS 8
    What to expect when upgrading to iOS 8Tue Sep 16, 2014
    Apple's new operating system for the iPhone and iPad includes changes to notifications, messages, shortcuts and Siri. Before downloading the update, you'll need to clear some space. Al...
  • iOS 8 Review: A New Phone Without Buying One
    iOS 8 Review: A New Phone Without Buying OneTue Sep 16, 2014
    Forget the iPhone 6, Apple's newest software upgrade brings big changes as well. WSJ Personal Tech Columnist Joanna Stern dives into the new operating system in her review.
  • Apple iPhone iOS 8 Review
    Apple iPhone iOS 8 ReviewTue Sep 16, 2014
    From Mashable's Christina Warren: Welcome to iOS 8. Last year, Apple totally redesigned iOS with iOS 7. Visually, iOS 8 doesn't differ much from its predecessor. Instead, the company f...
  • Apple's iOS 8 Is Good For Business
    Apple's iOS 8 Is Good For BusinessTue Sep 16, 2014
    With Apple's iOS 8, users are going to discover it is one of the most business friendly updates in years. Most people think of iPhones and iPads as primarily consumer devices, but the...
  • iOS 8 SwiftKey and Swype Review
    iOS 8 SwiftKey and Swype ReviewTue Sep 16, 2014
    Re/code's Bonnie Cha shows off iOS 8's ability to now use third party keyboards.
  • A visual history of iOS
    A visual history of iOSFri Jun 06, 2014
    The iPhone's OS has changed a lot over the years. Here's a history of iOS, from its smash-hit debut, through apps and Siri, all the way up to the next version coming this fall, iOS 8.
  • Top 8 iOS 8 Features!
    Top 8 iOS 8 Features!Mon Jun 02, 2014
    At WWDC 2014, Apple previewed their iOS 8 software in beta form and diced in Hidden Features OS X Yosemite was also released in beta form too. Of course there are iOS 8 Hidden Features...
  • Hidden Features of iOS 8
    Hidden Features of iOS 8Mon Jun 02, 2014
    iOS 8 beta 1 just arrived today with some Hidden Features and Tips & Tricks including a time lapse feature, quick reply and a Shazam-like Siri add-on. The Hidden Features shown in iOS...