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  • The Washington Post announced Tuesday that its star economics blogger Ezra Klein will be leaving the paper to start a new venture. "When Ezra joined us in 2009, he was a wunderkind blogger with brash confidence and a burning desire to write a column in the print newspaper," Post editors wrote in a memo to staff. "As he leaves us, Ezra is still a brash wunderkind, but now his burning desire has a grander scope: He is looking to start his own news organization, an ambition that befits someone with uncommon gifts of perception and analysis. Ezra’s passion and drive will be missed, but we will take pride in watching him chart out his new venture."
  • Aug 11 2013
    For Jeff Bezos, a new frontier
    His plans for The Washington Post are still a mystery, but he has a history of aiming high.
  • In a pretty dramatic reversal for someone who nearly became America’s surgeon general, CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Sanjay Gupta has come out in favor of medical marijuana. While working on a documentary called “Weed,” he talked to people suffering chronic pain who’d been helped by smoking pot, and looked closer at the smaller studies in foreign countries that show its benefits.
  • This afternoon, the scuttlebutt in the building was that the big 4:30 p.m. meeting would be about … the building. You see, The Washington Post building is up for sale, and everyone who works here has been waiting anxiously to find out where we’ll be working next. Selling The Post’s building was treated like an almost unimaginable upheaval.
  • Aug 05 2013
    Jeff Bezos on Post purchase
    You’ll have heard the news, and many of you will greet it with a degree of apprehension. When a single family owns a company for many decades, and when that family acts for all those decades in good faith, in a principled manner, in good times and in rough times, as stewards of important values – when that family has done such a good job – it is only natural to worry about change.
  • Inc. Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos agreed to buy the Washington Post for $250 million from Washington Post Co., vaulting the e-commerce magnate into the struggling newspaper industry.
  • With the conservative campaign to give the illusion of a liberal media bias. The Washington Post has hired conservative ideologue Jennifer Rubin and her poor journalism is already starting to damage the Washington Post's reputation.