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Democratic Legislation that Helps Achieve the Goal of Improving Health & Wellness

DatePositive Result\BenefitLawRank
03/23/10People with a pre-existing condition cannot be denied health coverge by an insurance company starting in 2014Obamacare
03/23/10People denied coverage for a pre-existing condition given access to a temporary high risk health insurance planObamacare
03/23/10Children under 19 can no longer be denied coverage or benefits for a pre-existing conditionObamacare
03/23/10Young adults can stay on parent's insurance plan up until age 26Obamacare
03/23/10$250 rebate for those in the Medicare Prescription drug "donut hole" during 2010Obamacare
03/23/1050% discount on prescription drug costs for seniors in the Medicare "donut hole" starting in 2011Obamacare
03/23/10Annual dollar limits on health benefits restricted and phased out by 2014Obamacare
03/23/10Insurers selling to groups of 50 or more employees must spend 85% of premiums on medical care and quality improvementObamacare