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  • Last Thursday, the nation watched with a mix of amusement and horror as the House Benghazi committee spent 11 hours grilling Hillary Clinton on a bizarre farrago of issues, many of which bore only tangential connection to the Benghazi attack. Over the past few weeks, the political narrative seems to have shifted from "Clinton in trouble" to "congressional witch hunt seeks to take down Clinton." Between McCarthy's accidental truth telling, an ex-staffer confirming the worst reports about the committee, and another House Republican conceding the obvious, it has become clear that the Benghazi committee is a thoroughly partisan political endeavor. Opinion has turned, but Republicans are trapped.

Committee Chairperson

Congress Member
Govt. WebsiteD.C. Phone
Lamar Smith
H(R)Texas34.6      YYY YY

Committee Ranking Member

Congress Member
Govt. WebsiteD.C. Phone
Eddie Johnson
H(D)Texas28.6      YYY YY

Committee Members

Congress Member
Govt. WebsiteD.C. Phone
Alan GraysonH(D)Florida8.6      YYY YY
Ami BeraH(D)California8.6      YYY YY
Andy HarrisH(R)Maryland10.6      YYY YY
Bill PoseyH(R)Florida12.6      YYY YY
Chris StewartH(R)Utah8.6      YYY YY
Cynthia LummisH(R)Wyoming12.6      NYY YY
Dana RohrabacherH(R)California32.6    YYY YY
Dan MaffeiH(D)New York8.6      YYY YY
Daniel LipinskiH(D)Illinois16.6   YYY YY
David SchweikertH(R)Arizona10.6      NYY YY
Derek KilmerH(D)Washington8.6    YYY YY
Donna EdwardsH(D)Maryland13.1      YYY YY
Elizabeth EstyH(D)Connecticut8.6      YYY YY
Eric SwalwellH(D)California8.6    YYY YY
Frank LucasH(R)Oklahoma27.2   YYY YY
Frederica WilsonH(D)Florida10.6      YYY YY
James SensenbrennerH(R)Wisconsin42.6      YYY YY
Jim BridenstineH(R)Oklahoma8.6      YYY YY
Joe KennedyH(D)Massachusetts8.6      YYY YY
Julia BrownleyH(D)California8.6      YYY YY
Kevin CramerH(R)North Dakota8.6    YYY YY
Larry BucshonH(R)Indiana10.6      NYY YY
Marc VeaseyH(D)Texas8.6      YYY YY
Mark TakanoH(D)California8.6      YYY YY
Michael McCaulH(R)Texas16.6      YYY YY
Mo BrooksH(R)Alabama10.6      YYY YY
Paul BrounH(R)Georgia6.6 NNY YY Y16
Ralph HallH(R)Texas40.6      YYY YY
Randy HultgrenH(R)Illinois10.6      YYY YY
Randy NeugebauerH(R)Texas18.2      YYY YY
Randy WeberH(R)Texas8.6      YYY
Scott PetersH(D)California8.6      YYY YY
Steve StockmanH(R)Texas26.6      YYY YY
Steven PalazzoH(R)Mississippi10.6      YYY YY
Suzanne BonamiciH(D)Oregon9.5      YYY YY
Thomas MassieH(R)Kentucky8.7      YYY YY
Zoe LofgrenH(D)California26.6    YYY YY