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  • Congressional lawmakers criticized the government's response to Ebola in the United States on Thursday as some called, at a congressional hearing probing efforts to contain the virus, for a ban on travel from epidemic-stricken West Africa. Federal Aviation Administration chief Michael Huerta told reporters separately that the United States is assessing whether to issue a travel ban "on a day-to-day basis" but that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had determined that a ban would not address the challenges posed by Ebola. The congressional hearing comes as concerns about the virus in the United States are accelerating. Several schools in Ohio and Texas were closed after concerns that a nurse with Ebola traveled on a plane with people with ties to the schools.
  • U.S. lawmakers scolded the head of the U.S. Secret Service on Tuesday over a security breach that allowed a knife-wielding intruder to run deep into the White House, and Director Julia Pierson promised them it would never happen again. Pierson acknowledged the agency charged with protecting the president had failed on Sept. 19 when it allowed a man to jump the fence at the home of the President of the United States, burst through the front door and run into the East Room, which is used for events and receptions. "This is unacceptable and I take full responsibility," she told a U.S. House of Representatives committee investigating the incident, promising a complete review of agency procedures.
  • The farce that is Rep. Darrell Issa continues. He put on an amazing spectacle shutting down the ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, Elijah Cummings, on Wednesday, repeatedly cutting off Cummings’s microphone and, finally, turning his back and walking away. I especially loved Issa’s little gesture pulling his finger across his throat like a knife, to cut the mic a second time. I called it “thuggish” on “Politics Nation” and folks on the right aren’t happy. That’s OK; it was thuggish. Issa had once again called former IRS supervisor Lois Lerner to testify before the committee, knowing she was going to again use her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.
  • Obama administration technology officials denied Wednesday that political considerations influenced decisions on the scope of last month’s rollout of new health-insurance exchanges, as they sparred with House Republicans amid continuing recriminations over President Obama’s health-care law.

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Committee Chairperson

Congress Member
Govt. WebsiteD.C. Phone
Darrell Issa
H(R)California17.9      NYY YY

Committee Ranking Member

Congress Member
Govt. WebsiteD.C. Phone
Elijah Cummings
H(D)Maryland22.7      YYY YY

Committee Members

Congress Member
Govt. WebsiteD.C. Phone
Carolyn MaloneyH(D)New York25.9      YYY YY
Cynthia LummisH(R)Wyoming9.9      NYY YY
Danny DavisH(D)Illinois21.9    YYY YY
Doc HastingsH(R)Washington3.9 NNY YY Y0
Doug CollinsH(R)Georgia5.9      YYY YY
Gerald ConnollyH(D)Virginia9.9      YYY YY
Trey GowdyH(R)South Carolina7.9      YYY YY
Jackie SpeierH(D)California10.7      YYY YY
James LankfordH(R)Oklahoma7.9      YYY YY
Jason ChaffetzH(R)Utah9.9      YYY YY
Jim CooperH(D)Tennessee35.9      YYY YY
Jim JordanH(R)Ohio11.9      YYY YY
John TierneyH(D)Massachusetts21.9      YYY YY
Jimmy DuncanH(R)Tennessee30.1   NYY YY
John MicaH(R)Florida25.9   YYY YY
Justin AmashH(R)Michigan7.9      YYY YY
Kerry BentivolioH(R)Michigan5.9      YYY YY
Tammy DuckworthH(D)Illinois5.9      YYY YY
Mark MeadowsH(R)North Carolina5.9      YYY YY
Mark PocanH(D)Wisconsin5.9      YYY YY
Matt CartwrightH(D)Pennsylvania5.9      YYY YY
Mike TurnerH(R)Ohio15.9      YYY YY
Michelle Lujan GrishamH(D)New Mexico5.9      YYY YY
Pat MeehanH(R)Pennsylvania7.9      YYY YY
Patrick McHenryH(R)North Carolina13.9      YYY YY
Paul GosarH(R)Arizona7.9      NYY YY
Blake FarentholdH(R)Texas7.9      YYY YY
Robert WoodallH(R)Georgia7.9   NYY YY
Ron DeSantisH(R)Florida5.9      YYY YY
Scott DesJarlaisH(R)Tennessee7.9      YYY YY
Stephen LynchH(D)Massachusetts17.1      YYY YY
Steven HorsfordH(D)Nevada5.9      NYY YY
Thomas MassieH(R)Kentucky6.1      YYY YY
Tim WalbergH(R)Michigan11.9      YYY YY
Tony CardenasH(D)California5.9      YYY YY
Lacy ClayH(D)Missouri17.9      YYY YY