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  • Just when it looked like a new 9/11 health and compensation law was on the brink of being finalized -- and after House Speaker Paul Ryan threw his support behind it -- sources told The Huffington Post troubling last-minutes snags were emerging. At one point, sources said, the Energy and Commerce Committee, which has jurisdiction over the health portion of the bill, had left off the name of the legislation -- the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act. It was named after a New York City detective who died from illnesses he contracted working on the recovery efforts in the aftermath of the 2001 terror attacks.

Committee Chairperson

Congress Member
Govt. WebsiteD.C. Phone
Fred Upton
H(R)Michigan34.2      YYY YY

Committee Ranking Member

Congress Member
Govt. WebsiteD.C. Phone
Henry Waxman
H(D)California46.2   NYY YY

Committee Members

Congress Member
Govt. WebsiteD.C. Phone
Adam KinzingerH(R)Illinois10.2      YYY YY
Anna EshooH(D)California28.2      YYY YY
Ben Ray LujanH(D)New Mexico12.2      YYY YY
Bill CassidyS(R)Louisiana6.2      YYY YY Ycassidy.senate.gov202-224-58244
Billy LongH(R)Missouri10.2      YYY YY
Bobby RushH(D)Illinois28.2      NYY YY
Brett GuthrieH(R)Kentucky12.2      YYY YY
Bruce BraleyH(D)Iowa6.2 NNY YY Y0
Cathy McMorris RodgersH(R)Washington16.2      YYY YY
Cory GardnerS(R)Colorado6.2      YYY YY Ygardner.senate.gov202-224-59410
David McKinleyH(R)West Virginia10.2      NYY YY
Diana DeGetteH(D)Colorado24.2      YYY YY
Doris MatsuiH(D)California16      YYY YY
Ed WhitfieldH(R)Kentucky26.2      YYY YY
Ed MarkeyS(D)Massachusetts7.7      YYY YY
Eliot EngelH(D)New York32.2      NYY YY
Frank PalloneH(D)New Jersey32.3      YYY YY
G. K. ButterfieldH(D)North Carolina16.6      YYY YY
Gene GreenH(D)Texas28.2      YYY YY
Greg WaldenH(R)Oregon22.2      YYY YY
Gregg HarperH(R)Mississippi12.2      YYY YY
Gus BilirakisH(R)Florida14.2      NYY YY
Morgan GriffithH(R)Virginia10.2      YYY YY
Jan SchakowskyH(D)Illinois22.2      YYY YY
Jerry McNerneyH(D)California14.2      YYY YY
Jim MathesonH(D)Utah20.2      YYY YY
Joe BartonH(R)Texas36.2      YYY YY
John BarrowH(D)Georgia6.2 NNY YY Y1
John DingellH(D)Michigan55.2      YYY YY
John SarbanesH(D)Maryland14.2      YYY YY
John ShimkusH(R)Illinois24.2      YYY YY
Joseph PittsH(R)Pennsylvania24.2      YYY YY
Kathy CastorH(D)Florida14.2 YYY YY
Lee TerryH(R)Nebraska22.2      YYY YY
Leonard LanceH(R)New Jersey12.2      YYY YY
Lois CappsH(D)California23      YYY YY
Marsha BlackburnH(R)Tennessee18.2      YYY YY
Michael BurgessH(R)Texas18.2      YYY YY
Mike DoyleH(D)Pennsylvania26.2      YYY YY
Mike PompeoH(R)Kansas2.9    NY YY Ystate.gov57
Mike RogersH(R)Michigan20.2      YYY YY
Paul TonkoH(D)New York12.2      YYY YY
Pete OlsonH(R)Texas12.2    YYY YY
Peter WelchH(D)Vermont14.2   YYY
Phil GingreyH(R)Georgia6.2 NNY YY Y0
Ralph HallH(R)Texas40.2      YYY YY
Renee EllmersH(R)North Carolina10.2      YYY YY
Robert LattaH(R)Ohio13.2      NYY YY
Steve ScaliseH(R)Louisiana12.8   YYY YY
Tim MurphyH(R)Pennsylvania18.2      YYY YY
Bill JohnsonH(R)Ohio10.2      NYY YY