Harry S. Truman - 33rd President of the United States

President Harry Truman signing the Atomic Energy Act of 1946President Harry Truman signing the Atomic Energy Act of 1946By: Department of Energy

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  • The single greatest legislative accomplishment in the second half of the twentieth century came on July 30, 1965, the date President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Social Security Amendments that created Medicare and Medicaid.
  • Hyperbole is so often used when we discuss the impact that this President or that President had on America, but that just isn't the case for the 26th President of the United States. Theodore Roosevelt was catapulted into the Executive Office after the assassination of William McKinley in September of 1901.
  • Medicaid: From LBJ to Obama
    July 30, 1965 is a day that will go down as one of America's greatest days. After a truly bipartisan vote in both the House of Representatives and the US Senate, an amendment to the Social Security Act setting up our nations first public health insurance program passed and was signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson.
  • Fredrick Douglass' Unique Perspective on Lincoln
    Fredrick Douglass is one of the greatest people in American history. Douglass started life as a slave and would eventually meet multiple presidents and even be the first African-American to be nominated for the Vice-Presidency (even though he didn't seek nor acknowledge the nomination). Douglass fought against the injustice of slavery for his entire life.

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  • Mini Bio: Harry Truman
    Mini Bio: Harry TrumanThu May 08, 2014
    Harry Truman came from modest beginnings and is the only 20th Century President to not have a college degree. Among his accomplishments as President were integrating the military, defe...
  • LBJ and Harry Truman, 11/4/64, 11.36A.
    LBJ and Harry Truman, 11/4/64, 11.36A.Mon Aug 27, 2012
    Telephone Conversation between President Johnson and Harry Truman. Citation No.: 6166 November 4, 1964 Time: 11.36AM Location:
  • Harry S. Truman — Home in Independence
    Harry S. Truman — Home in IndependenceThu Oct 08, 2009
    In this vintage footage from Columbia Pictures' 1964 "Decision: The Conflicts of Harry S. Truman", Harry addresses the camera from his front porch in Independence, Missouri, and isn't...