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2013 DECMedicare application is used to create a gun registryMedicare, Gun Control & NRA0
The NRA and other pro gun advocates are falsely claiming that the application for Medicare asks individuals to disclose how many guns they own so they can make a gun registry. The fact of the matter is that there is no question on Medicare's application which asks about gun ownership and there never has been.
2013 NOVMedicaid Doesn't Provide Quality Health CoverageMedicaid0
Many Republicans claim that Medicaid doesn't provide quality health coverage. The truth of the matter is that Medicaid has improved the lives and provided quality coverage to millions of citizens. States that have expanded Medicaid have documented lower costs because individuals that would have typically gone to the emergency room for routine care now go to their physician, which costs much less.
2013 NOVMedicaid Expansion Will Bankrupt StatesMedicaid0
Many Republican states have claimed they rejected Medicaid expansion because it would have bankrupted their state. In actuality, multiple independent economic experts insist that expanding Medicaid will be very favorable to the states because of the out sized role the Federal Government plays and also the savings that states will realize by not using other vital resources on their uninsured citizens.
2013 OCTMedicaid Expansion Will Force Doctors To Turn Away PatientsMedicaid0
Conservatives are claiming that doctors will turn away new Medicaid patients, making it difficult for these new patients to receive medical care. The truth of the matter is that Obamacare address physicians concerns by increasing provider reimbursement rates by an average of 73 percent.
2013 SEPThirty Million Americans Are Uninsured Due to ObamacareMedicaid0
Republicans are claiming that 30 million Americans will remain uninsured because of Obamacare. What they are neglecting to say is that the vast majority of those 30 million Americans are individuals who live in Republican states that have refused to expand Medicaid.
2013 SEPMedicaid Expansion Will Slash America's WorkforceMedicaid0
Many Republicans are claiming that they will see a dramatically reduced workforce if they go along with Medicaid expansion in their states, but they offer no proof of this theory. In actuality, The National Bureau of Economic Research has concluded that there is little to zero proof of this actually being the case.
2013 SEPThe Federal Government Won't Pay Medicaid Funds to StatesMedicaid & Republican Governors0
Republican Governor's across the nation are falsely claiming that one of the reasons they are not expanding their Medicaid coverage under the Affordable Care Act is because the Federal Government can not be trusted to keep its part of the funding. However, this argument is suspect for a variety of reasons and has no basis in fact. The Federal Government has only increased funding for Medicaid since its inception and has not reduced funding one time.
08/21/12The Obama Administration gutted the 1996 welfare reform programJobs, Unemployment Benefits & Barack Obama0
Rommney campaign ad says that the Obama Administration gutted the 1996 Welfare Reform bill, by removing the requirement for recipients to be working. This, however, is untrue. Work requirements are not dropped. States have leeway to change and revise, as part of a federally approved state plan to increase employment. The reform was not "gutted". Benefits will not be paid beyond a certain amount of time, whether or not the recipient is working.
2011 JUNObamacare creates rationing boardMedicare0
The Republican party and conservative media is claiming that the Affordable Care Act will create a Medicare rationing board that will determine who gets to live or die. The truth of the matter is that the law explicitly forbids these boards to "ration care, increase taxes, change Medicare benefits or eligibility, increase beneficiary premiums and cost-sharing requirements, or reduce low-income subsidies under Part D."
2011 MAYMedicaid Would Be Cheaper As a Block GrantMedicaid0
The Republican Party often claims that Medicaid is broken and should be turned into a block grant to individual states to save money, but multiple independent studies have shown that block grants would contain significantly less money and upwards of 45 million Americans would lose their health coverage if that happened.
2011 APRGOP voucher proposal will save MedicareMedicare0
The Republican Party is claiming that their proposal to turn Medicare into a voucher system will save Medicare. The truth of the matter is multiple independent analysts have warned that it will double the out of pocket expenditures for future senior citizens.
2010Obamacare cuts $700 billion from MedicareMedicare0
Republicans falsely claim that Obamacare takes $700 billion dollars from Medicare. What the law actually does is reduce payments to Medicare Advantage, a small subset of Medicare that is run by private insurers. Medicare Advantage, which was passed by the Bush Administration, was supposed to bring down the cost of Medicare but actually costs more than traditional Medicare. Obamacare tackles this by reducing the payments to private insurers, not the overall program.
2009Medicare is in Danger of Going BankruptMedicare & Barack Obama0
Republican claim first made in 2009 during the health care debate. According to the Medicare Boards of Trustees, Medicare Parts B and D were "both projected to remain adequately financed into the indefinite future because current law automatically provides financing each year to meet the next year’s expected costs." And although the Trust Fund for Part A is projected to be exhausted in 2029, revenue will still cover 85 percent of costs.