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Alan Krueger00
Boris Epshteyn01
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Executive Branch97239Donald Trump: the Case for Impeachment2019-07-18
Carter Administration01
Clinton Administration100Forum Testing Please Ignore2013-03-02
Eisenhower Administration32I like Ike2018-01-06
FDR Administration60Charles Lindbergh's Anti-Interventionist Speech2013-05-05
Ford Administration00
George H W Bush Admin434GHWB salute.2018-12-06
George W Bush Admin599104Dick Cheney as an Exemplar of American Sportmanship2019-05-30
Hoover Administration30Immigration and Hoover2011-01-05
JFK Administration00
LBJ Administration20Medal of Honor awarded2010-11-19
Nixon Administration41It's deja vu all over again2011-12-27
Reagan Administration1115The Great Republican Tax Scam Of 20152014-10-13
Truman Administration10Truman and Universal Health Insurance vs. Today?2010-06-03
White House Source00
White House Official00
White House Adviser00
White House Adviser00
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White House Aide00
H. R. McMaster272McMaster out; Replaced by John Bolton2019-06-03
Hank Paulson04
James Brady46James Brady, Staunch Gun Control Advocate, Dead at 732014-08-10
James Comey23223Death threats2019-05-26
James Mattis240Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis Quits2019-01-01
John F. Kelly774Chief of Staff: John Kelly2018-12-15
Judicial Branch1100274Hypothical: What if Trump refused to concede after loosing...2019-05-16
Courts of Appeals278Can we kill Americans with our drones?2014-06-29
District Courts23Trump & Minions Sue To Block Finanacial 411 Subpeona2019-04-22
Supreme Court1066263Hypothical: What if Trump refused to concede after loosing...2019-05-16
Supreme Court Cases318106Election mess2019-03-31
Supreme Court Justices437102Anita Hill Revisited2018-10-03
K.T. McFarland02
Kellyanne Conway323All of the president's men2017-06-01
Michael Flynn6019Should Flynn receive immunity in exchange for testimony?2017-12-04
Michael Hayden04
Miriam Sapiro00
Obama Administration72921748the Democratic debates2019-07-19
Mel Watt00
Pete Rouse00
Reince Priebus227Reince Priebus Whining2017-04-24
Rex Tillerson508Dictatorship coming closer2018-03-15
Ronald Rodgers00
Scott Pruitt273Scott Pruitt has resigned from the EPA !2019-02-04
Sean Spicer5614Spicer's replacement2017-07-22
U.S. Congress22471416Brett Kavanaugh2019-07-05
U.S. House8288Rep Ilhan Omar2019-07-21
U.S. Senate360852the Democratic debates2019-07-19
U.S. Constitution3812143Colin Kaepernick - again2019-07-03
Amendments to the Constitution3501101Colin Kaepernick - again2019-07-03
11th Amendment10The 11th Amendment2012-11-29
12th Amendment11What if we didin't have the Twelfth Amendment?2012-11-20
16th Amendment61Federal Income Tax2014-02-14
17th Amendment11Six Republicans who think voters should not choose their ow...2012-08-14
18th Amendment277Prohibition of Alcohol similar to prohibition of Marijuana?2013-11-02
19th Amendment71Has women's sufferage changed the way America thinks about...2012-12-07
20th Amendment10Lame duck session seems to be the only time anything gets d...2012-11-22
21st Amendment272Prohibition of Alcohol similar to prohibition of Marijuana?2013-11-02
22nd Amendment131Should Senators and Congressmen have term limits?2012-12-04
23rd Amendment00
24th Amendment131The True Irony of Today's Voting Rights Ruling2013-06-25
25th Amendment201NY Times anonymous OP ed from Senior WH Official2018-09-17
26th Amendment11Youth won't show up? Think again2012-12-03
27th Amendment20Republicans Forget About The 27th Amendment2013-01-18
Bill of Rights329372Colin Kaepernick - again2019-07-03
10th Amendment103The 11th Amendment2012-11-29
1st Amendment19119Colin Kaepernick - again2019-07-03
Establishment Clause00
Free Exercise Clause00
2nd Amendment2998117Dick Cheney as an Exemplar of American Sportmanship2019-05-30
3rd Amendment12The Third Amendment--Not discussed, but Not to be Forgotten2012-11-21
4th Amendment379It never happened.2018-03-05
5th Amendment57Wickard v. Filburn2012-06-19
6th Amendment72Did Nancy Grace confuse the Casey Anthony jurors?2012-04-19
7th Amendment12Tort Reform is Putting the Seventh Amendment Under Siege2012-12-06
8th Amendment28Supreme Court Declares Ban on Excessive Fines Applies to St...2019-02-20
9th Amendment22"A Universe of Rights, possessed by the People"2013-02-28
Reconstruction Amendments961314th Amendment being attacked2015-08-30
13th Amendment142We Wear Our Beliefs2012-12-11
14th Amendment73914th Amendment being attacked2015-08-30
15th Amendment91As The Crow Flies, So Fly Your 15th Amendment Rights2012-08-14
U.S. Departments & Agencies0550Labor Secretary Alex Acosta likely to be fired by Trump2019-07-12
Federal Executive Departments0408Labor Secretary Alex Acosta likely to be fired by Trump2019-07-12
Department of Agriculture01Sam Clovis2017-11-06
Department of Commerce01Jobs report positive.2019-01-07
Department of Defense0140no oversight of military spending2018-08-04
National Security Agency (NSA)099that guy is a real leaker!2017-06-13
The Pentagon026Screwed up Pentagon2016-09-17
Department of Education03
Department of Energy00The third Reich all over again?2017-05-31
Department of Health and Human Services014Trump signs Executive Order Targeting Welfare Programs2019-06-12
Department of Homeland Security048Closing The Mexican Border2019-04-08
FEMA04Where are They Now???2012-11-30
Immigration & Customs06The effect of ICE raids on the community2019-03-04
U.S. Customs & Border05Closing The Mexican Border2019-04-08
U.S. Secret Service017The ridiculous cost of Trump'and his cronies.2018-07-18
US Citizenship & Immigration Services04
Department of Housing and Urban Development09Trump signs Executive Order Targeting Welfare Programs2019-06-12
Department of Interior015An insider job at Interior2019-04-18
National Park Service014Blame it on the poor Park Ranger for the shutdown2013-10-23
National Monuments03
National Parks08Blame it on the poor Park Ranger for the shutdown2013-10-23
Department of Justice0109Department of Obstruction of Justice2019-05-02
Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms (ATF)02
Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)02DEA interfering in medicine.2017-02-27
FBI058Background Check on trump?2019-04-04
Department of Labor04Labor Secretary Alex Acosta likely to be fired by Trump2019-07-12
Department of State07Goodbye State Department2017-11-29
Department of Transportation03Interstate 5 Bridge Collapse in Washington State2013-05-27
Department of Treasury034Donald Trump Tax Returns2019-05-10
Internal Revenue Service (IRS)033Donald Trump Tax Returns2019-05-10
Department of Veterans Affairs022Veterans Affairs and Mental Health2015-07-22
Independent Agencies0155Scott Pruitt has resigned from the EPA !2019-02-04
CIA052war on environmentalists2018-03-09
EPA015Scott Pruitt has resigned from the EPA !2019-02-04
NASA085Space clowns2019-01-03
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)03
U.S. Military853123Trump's military parade2019-07-11
Joint Chiefs of Staff10USS HORNET “LIVING SHIP DAY” Honors Tuskegee Airmen with “R...2012-03-18
Military Branches42376Military costs.2018-04-20
Air Force737Sure enough an "new" 747 Airforce "one" has been ordered2016-12-12
Air National Guard00
Army12030Bowe Bergdahl was a waste of time2015-02-02
Army National Guard00
Coast Guard05
National Guard58sleep tonight - your National Guard is awake2015-07-24
Navy12425Military costs.2018-04-20
Navy Seals285Fox News Publishes Name Of SEAL Who Led Bin Laden Raid2014-05-04
United States Marine Corp1012American Sniper2015-03-19
Private Military Contractors14blackwater2012-04-12
United States Historical Text14431Why America Does Not Yet Have Real Democracy2015-08-24
Emancipation Proclamation02
Gettysburg Address022
Pledge Allegiance00
Star Spangled Banner02
The Federalist Papers00
United States Founding Documents1446Why America Does Not Yet Have Real Democracy2015-08-24
Declaration of Independence1446Why America Does Not Yet Have Real Democracy2015-08-24
Anthony Scaramucci370Anthony Scaramucci: Trump the Blue Collar President2018-10-26
Don McGahn00
Donald Trump11192818Was Trump chosen by God?2019-07-21
Kirstjen Nielsen00
Robert Mueller36931The Robert Mueller Report2019-07-02
Rod Rosenstein251Rod Rosenstein2019-02-19
William Barr26914The Robert Mueller Report2019-07-02