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  • Why I am Rooting for Trump Landslides on Super Tuesday and Why You Should be Too
    Mark your calendars for March 1, 2016 because that is the date the Republican Party will likely be signing their 2016 death warrant by making a Donald Trump nomination virtually unstoppable.Ten largely southern and deeply conservative states head to the polls on Super Tuesday and every indication is that Donald Trump will be having a very good day in the vast majority of those states.
  • The Donald Show Readies For Prime Time
    The Republican clown car officially has its top ten candidates selected for the first Presidential debate of the 2016 election cycle and the nation will soon be given a glimpse of the comedy that will be the Republican primary.
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  • Caucus Elections Are Undemocratic and Should Be Scrapped
    Bernie Sanders won the Washington state Democratic caucus by a “yuge” margin of 46 points, his largest margin of victory in his campaign. However, what is less known is that the highly publicized record voter turnout of 244,458 for the caucus was still relatively small compared to the much higher voter turn-outs for primaries and general elections.
  • 5 Reasons Clinton Should Pick Biden as Her Running Mate
    Hillary Clinton extending an olive branch to loyal Obama supporters by choosing to keep Vice President Biden on her ticket in would all but guarantee her winning the Presidency in November.Think about it for a second.
  • Hillary Rodham Clinton has been a progressive champion her entire life
    “One of the most tragic things that happened yesterday, a beautiful day, was that I was talking to a woman who said that she wouldn't want to be me for anything in the world. She wouldn't want to live today and look ahead to what it is she sees because she's afraid. Fear is always with us but we just don't have time for it. Not now.
  • Clinton v Sanders Part 1: Will They Play Nice or Take The Gloves Off Early?
    The top two contenders for the Democratic Presidential nomination are about as different as they come. Secretary Clinton, the unquestioned front runner, is a true politician. Senator Sanders, a formidable challenger, is an unabashed Democratic-Socialist and refuses to participate in the typical mud-slinging that has defined our politics for decades.

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  • Donald Trump is really going to be the nominee. This is actually happening.Tue May 03, 2016 |
    Donald Trump is going to be the Republican nominee. The only way he won't is if something unthinkable happens. He could be struck by lightning. He could pull off his...
  • Confessions of a Donald Trump Tabloid ScribeFri Apr 29, 2016 |
    I have a confession to make, and please don’t shoot when you hear it: I helped make the myth of Donald Trump. And for that, I am very, very sorry. If you worked for a...
  • Ted Cruz hit with 'New York values'; Trump gets Giuliani backingThu Apr 07, 2016 |
    U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas is getting a taste of the "New York values" he derided in Iowa as Republicans turn to the next big U.S. presidential contest in the home...
  • Did Wisconsin Just Save the GOP—Or Destroy It?Wed Apr 06, 2016 |
    In the town of Ripon, Wisconsin, sits a small, white clapboard schoolhouse with the sign: “Birthplace of the Republican Party.” According to Wisconsin lore, the GOP was...
  • American politics has reached peak polarizationThu Mar 24, 2016 |
    The forces that have fueled the widening gap between the two political parties are now fueling fights within the parties. These fights will lead to new coalitions in...
  • Donald Trump Is a Small ManTue Mar 22, 2016 |
    In a recent interview with The Washington Post’s editorial board, the GOP front-runner struggled with the truth—and his insecurities.
  • Nazi-Hunters, Rabbis Going After Donald TrumpSun Mar 20, 2016 |
    Hundreds of people will walk out of the most important pro-Israel event in America to protest against Trump, who they see as a strongman who vilifies minorities.
  • How Trump Rebranded the GOPThu Mar 17, 2016 |
    Whatever else you might say about him, Donald Trump is one of the great branders of our age. And what he’s accomplished over the nine months since he took that...

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