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Beck speaking at the 2010 Restoring Honor rallyBeck speaking at the 2010 Restoring Honor rallyBy: Luke X. Martin

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  • Glenn Beck has been sued by a victim of the Boston Marathon bombings that he accused of being a terrorist. The victim, Abdulrahman Alharbi, was injured in the bombings, but Beck accused him of being the person who financed the bombings. Beck and Alharbi were unable to come to an agreement in arbitration, so the case will now be going to trial.
  • Glen Beck's radio show aired a sexist skit mocking the college rape epidemic to show that there is no rape problem at our universities nationwide. Beck's skit accused the President of expanding the definition of rape for political purposes and brought on a man in a wig to poke fun of all the ways a woman claims she was raped. The skit was originally aired a week before a college student went on a shooting rampage over his inability to get a girlfriend, but was re-aired shortly after the shooting because Beck wanted to rebut those who were saying that there was a problem with violence against women in America.
  • Glenn Beck has found himself in an uncomfortable position after an avid viewer of his apocalyptic rants went on a rampage in Oakland, California. Byron Williams was stopped by Oakland police after they spotted him driving erratically. Williams shot and wounded two police officers before being arrested. Upon his arrest, Williams claimed that he was "killing people of importance at the Tides Foundation and the ACLU." The Tides Foundation is an organization that Glen Beck has spent countless hours railing against on his television show, which Wiliams' mother claims he watches avidly.

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1994DivorceGlenn Beck and first wife divorced after 11 years of marriage
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