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  • When the Chicago Cubs win, it's not hard to hear it. "Go, Cubs, go," Steve Goodman's 1984 song blares as the crowd sings along, "hey Chicago, what do you say, The Cubs are gonna win today!" But nearby residents of Wrigley Field don't hear that much anymore. In his latest book, A Nice Little Place on the North Side: Wrigley Field at One Hundred, Pulitzer Prize-winner George Will tries to explain why. "It's the most unformed book I ever set out to write," Will tells me during breakfast in Georgetown earlier this month. The Champaign, Illinois native and I discussed his beloved Cubs, whether or not baseball is a religion, and why he doesn't believe in God.
  • Lisa Sendrow, whose experience of college sexual assault was dismissed by The Washington Post's George Will, slammed the columnist for silencing the voices of survivors and rejected the idea she received any privileges from her status as a survivor, as Will suggested. Instead, she said she was diagnosed with PTSD following her assault and received violent threats after her story was first reported. Will's June 6 column sparked outrage from women's organizations, U.S. senators, and college rape survivors for suggesting that sexual assault victims -- or people who Will decided were only claiming to be sexual assault victims -- enjoyed "a coveted status that confers privileges.
  • Aug 19 2011
    Chris Christie, America's Ceasar
    Near the statehouse office of New Jersey’s 55th governor sits a sort of shrine to the 34th. Fortunately, Chris Christie is unlike Woodrow Wilson. Christie will not run for president, even when begged, for he has too much power in his current political position, as the most powerful governor.