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  • Obama's Climate Agreement With China Just Might Save the World
    President Obama's deal with China to dramatically cut greenhouse gas emissions may go down as one of his lasting legacies once everything is said and done with his Administration. The deal, which was announced at a joint press conference, set far reaching goals of reducing carbon emissions that surprised most everyone over how much the two countries agreed to cut.
  • The Scariest New Senate Candidates of 2014
    For the 2014 midterm elections, the GOP has some truly scary candidates with extreme views on women's rights, the climate, and how our government should function. Some of them proudly tout their extreme beliefs while others hide behind them, but all of them would take us a step backward should they be elected.
  • The University of Michigan Shows us How to be Environmental Heros
    What is a university supposed to do when they decide to expand its business school and a 250 year old, forty-four foot in diameter oak tree is standing in the way? Should they knock it down? Choose another area to build the expansion? Or what about uprooting the massive tree and physically moving it 500 feet to another location? Perhaps to everyone's surprise, the University of
  • If 300,000 Climate Protesters Won't Get Our Leaders to Act, What Will?
    Hundreds of thousands of people flooded the streets of New York City today to warn the world that humans are killing the planet and insist that something has to be done to fix it before it becomes too late.
  • New EPA Rule Seeks to Cut Carbon Emissions by 30 Percent
    President Obama is set to announce far reaching regulations affecting the use of carbon dioxide at our nations existing coal fired power plants that have the potential to be a game changer regarding the way America produces and uses its energy.

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  • The green case for frackingFri Jul 10, 2015 |
    Back in 2007, energy companies first began to realize that the United States contained vast supplies of natural gas tra...
  • Fracking and the Climate DebateFri Jul 10, 2015 |
    n 2007, as alarm about climate change escalated and environmentalists struggled to stop construction of a wave of new c...
  • The Arrival of Man-Made EarthquakesThu Apr 09, 2015 |
    In the fall of 2011, students in Katie Keranen’s seismology course at the University of Oklahoma buried portable seismo...
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    Oil prices might have stabilized only temporarily because the global oil glut is worsening and U.S. production shows no...
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    The Ebola epidemic, ISIS’s ascent, and Vladimir Putin’s belligerence may be three of the most disruptive developments o...
  • Gas prices to climb the highest in 6 yearsFri Jun 27, 2014 |
    Gas prices are expected to be at the highest level in six years for the Fourth of July holiday.
  • Gas prices: What to expect for Memorial DayTue May 06, 2014 |
    Gas prices were up in April on the Ukraine crisis and refinery maintenance, but that should change as Memorial Day appr...
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    Two years from now, thousands of Oregon drivers could get a taste of what the future may hold for the rest of us: They...
  • Senator presses Obama on futures trading curbsTue Apr 03, 2012 |
    A Democratic senator urged President Barack Obama not to renominate the top U.S. commodities regulator unless he quickl...