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04/10/17Divided We
It only took a week after Donald Trump’s inauguration before Democrats and the media began to warn that our democracy faces a grave and potentially fatal threat. On the second weekend of Trump’s presidency, when customs officials began enforcing his hastily imposed ban on travel from Muslim nations, Senator Cory Booker dashed out to Dulles Airport and told a crowd of protesters that the American rule of law was under assault. “I believe it’s a constitutional crisis,” Booker declared. Two days later, when Trump fired acting...
10/05/14America’s Post-Crash
Gun control, LGBT rights, abortion, school prayer. In the past four decades, widespread consensus emerged that the most significant, politically charged constitutional issues are cultural. But with each passing year, the Supreme Court hears new cases that shape the distribution of wealth in this country and determines whether the economically powerful also wield political power. At the same time, economic debates on inequality, mobility and corporate power are back at the forefront of public affairs. Constitutional debat...

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