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Frederick Douglass, ca. 1879 - NARAFrederick Douglass, ca. 1879 - NARA
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  • Fredrick Douglass' Unique Perspective on Lincoln
    Fredrick Douglass is one of the greatest people in American history. Douglass started life as a slave and would eventually meet multiple presidents and even be the first African-American to be nominated for the Vice-Presidency (even though he didn't seek nor acknowledge the nomination). Douglass fought against the injustice of slavery for his entire life.

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    After hearing Frederick Douglass speak at an anti-slavery convention in Nantucket, an inspired William Lloyd encourages Douglass to join the abolitionist movement.
  • Frederick Douglass - Mini Bio
    Frederick Douglass - Mini BioTue Jan 26, 2010
    A short biography of Frederick Douglass. The abolitionist who was born a slave not only worked towards the freedom of Blacks, but also advocated for women's rights and education in gen...